The creators of Hitman are preparing a 007 James Bond Origin Story game

Astonishing announcement made this Thursday by the Danish studio IO Interactive, creator of the cult hitman games franchise and its famous agent 47. He is preparing a game based on the James Bond license, which will be an Origin Story.

IO Interactive

This Thursday, the Danish development studio IO Interactive, to whom we owe in particular the cult Hitman franchise and its famous hitman, Agent 47, was teasing his next project. And that was a big surprise, since it is nothing less than a new game based on the James Bond license! Still under the name of “Project 007”, it will in this case be a Origin Story.

In partnership with EON Productions and MGM, holders of the cinema license rights, the game is being developed by the teams of the studio based in Denmark, but also in Sweden.

Below, the teaser of this upcoming project …

We can still imagine that affording the license must have been very expensive, especially since the studio has, as a reminder, become independent again, since it left the bosom of the publisher. Square Enix. We keep our fingers crossed that this future video game experience is a success, because we cannot say that the games released under the 007 James Bond license (apart from the legendary Goldeneye obviously …) have left an unforgettable memory. The latest, 007 Legends, which accompanied the 50th anniversary of the cinema license, a failure in great width, was published in 2012 by Activision. That said, the pedigree of IO Interactive Rather pleads in his favor, even if James Bond is not quite known to be the king of the infiltration in finesse, like his digital colleague Agent 47.

And while talking about the latter, we take the opportunity to put you the last trailer concerning Hitman III, which should hit the shelves next January.

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