The Corner of the Immortals (chess videos): An exquisite idea of ​​Gadimbayli | The corner of the immortals

White plays 20 Ra3, placing his rook on a nearly full file, where there are four pieces and two pawns. For a medium or low level fan, that play is meaningless. However, twenty moves later the light comes, and that rook deals the final blow to the black king to culminate a masterful attack.

The author of that marvel was only 13 years old when he produced it. His name is Abdullah Gadimbayli, he is from Azerbaijani, and now, eight years later, he is beginning to be known: he has just lost in the third round of the World Cup that is taking place precisely in his homeland, Baku, the cradle of great chess players. Everything indicates that Gadimbayli will be added to that list of illustrious.

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