The Code on France 2: will there be a season 2?

While the judicial series ends tonight on France 2 with the broadcast of the last two episodes, will we see a follow-up to the affairs of the partner firm led by Idriss Toma, a lawyer in search of salvation whose life does not hold more than a thread?

The latest creation by screenwriter Lionel Olenga (Cherif), the series Le Code plunges us into the legal mysteries of a partner firm led by Idriss Toma (Daniel Njo Lobé), former lawyer of the rich and powerful decided to redeem after a man, collateral victim of his practices, attempted to assassinate him.

Associated with Nadia Ayad (Naidra Ayadi), a committed lawyer, and Jeanne Vanhoven (Christiane Millet), a former glory of the bar who postponed her retirement, Idriss will defend the most deprived defendants against a ruthless judicial system. But he is playing against the clock: an inoperable bullet shard lodged in his skull threatens to kill him at any moment …

Broadcast over three evenings on France 2, Le Code convinced the public, attracting just over 3 million viewers in the first week (or 14.8% of PDA) and around 2.9 million people in the second week (13, 8%) according to The Parisian.

At the end of the last two episodes of tonight, Idriss, who has received bad news from his neurologist, will not be able to hide his secret any longer from his collaborators and from his daughter, who has discovered his results. ‘exams: her condition has not improved, and she only has a few months left to live.

Upset, Nadia announces to Idriss her intention to leave their cabinet after these revelations, feeling betrayed and especially unable to bear the idea of ​​losing her partner and friend. Chloe (Wendy Nieto), Idriss’s daughter, is outraged at the idea of ​​losing her father once again when they had barely found each other; finally, Elodie (Catherine Demaiffe), who struggles to hide her feelings for the lawyer, sees the prospect of their relationship fly away …

If a season 2 is already in writing, as revealed by Lionel Olenga during the Séries Mania festival in September where the series was presented in preview, will we see the character played by Daniel Njo Lobé again in future? episodes after this revelation?

For us, the character of Idriss is really the entry point“, he explained.”This is how we enter into this framework. Then the idea was to make people passionate about intrigue, regardless of the lawyer who is going to deal with them. And through that, to take an interest in each of them. PBecause between two murder cases, two rape cases, we want to be able to approach things in a different way so as not to speak out a single truth.

There, we are writing season 2, the narrative arches are booked and we are advancing on new episodes: there are a trial around euthanasia, things like that which are emerging ” he revealed. “We cannot say that there is an absolute truth: there is there are conflicting truths, and for that, it takes several cases to be able to question them while entertaining.

France 2 has not yet given the green light for a second season of the series, the fate of the hero therefore remains in suspense at the end of these last two episodes. With the richness of the themes it deals with through the prism of justice and the lawyers who represent it, let’s hope that this new judicial series will have convinced the channel to transform the essay.

Until then, you can find Season 1 of The Code in full on the SALTO streaming platform!

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