The Code on France 2: what is the new judicial series from the creator of Chérif worth? – News …

The channel inaugurates this evening the broadcast of its new procedural series, centered on the daily life of a law firm in Lille, whose members are determined to do justice to those to whom the system does not give any gift.

What is it about ?

Idriss Toma, 46, the Parisian lawyer for the rich and powerful, sees his life turn upside down when he is the victim of an attempted murder. He miraculously escapes, but an inoperable bullet shard can now be fatal to him at any time. Determined to correct his personal and professional errors, he now puts his talent at the service of those whom the judicial machine threatens to crush …

The code season 1 – 6 X 52 minutes

From Wednesday December 1 at 9:05 p.m. on France 2 and in preview on SALTO

Who is it with?

Daniel Njo Lobé, seen in Marseille and Astrid and Raphaëlle (and whose timbre will no doubt seem familiar to you since he is one of the most active French voices in dubbing), embodies an anti-hero on the wire, advocate of talent decided to redeem himself after having come close to death, all the more determined since he knows that his days are numbered to him, his health being able to change at any moment.

In addition to the complex affairs that punctuate the daily life of the new partner firm that he has created, there is a burning personal file: his daughter, Chloé (Wendy Nieto, seen in They were 10) is responsible for a road accident which plunges a young woman into a coma. Problem: she was drunk while driving …

Helped by her partners, Nadia, a committed lawyer played by Naidra Ayadi (Polisse), Jeanne, a former glory of the bar camped by Christiane Millet (Le Sens de la famille) but also by two young ambitious recruits, Maxime (Théo Frilet) and Claire (Barbara Probst), Idriss will do everything to build a solid defense for his daughter, but also try to recreate a bond with her after having neglected his role as a father for years.

Well worth a look ?

Created by Lionel Olenga (Chérif) in collaboration with Cécile Even, Nicolas Robert, Lucile Brandi, Julie-Anna Grignon and Julien Anscutter in writing, the series Le Code follows the path of Idriss Toma, a brilliant Parisian lawyer who is lacking to find death when a man bruised by the loss of his wife tries to take revenge on him, because he defended the interests of a large industrial group whose toxic products have caused cancer in their employees.

Decided to redeem himself by correcting his professional but also personal mistakes, Idriss Toma returns to Lille, his hometown, and joins two sisters with the mission of taking care of the most difficult cases (and therefore the least profitable. , which does not bring great stability to their business) in order to defend those who have no weight, and a priori no chance, against the formidable mechanics of justice.

Pure procedural series with an investigation completed in each episode, The Code takes us into the mysteries of justice and plunges us into the daily life of an unconventional law firm. Like its hero whose fate can change at any time, the series has an urgency and a purpose delivered with formidable efficiency.

Far from the lightness of a Munch or the endearing mother / daughter duo ofWe are going to love each other a little much, the protagonists imagined by Lionel Olenga are much more complex and tortured, and the cases they deal with are tinged with contemporary themes.

The code on france 2: what is the new judicial series from the creator of chérif worth? - news... Gilles GUSTINE – FTV – Making Prod ©
Naidra Ayadi (Nadia) and Daniel Njo Lobé (Idriss Toma)

Served by a set of talented actors, the series develops over the course of the episodes both subtle and convincing interpersonal relationships between the protagonists of the firm, whether it is Maxime’s emerging feelings for Claire, the complex relationship between Idriss and his daughter, or the light flirtation he has with the spicy Elodie (Catherine Demaiffe), the secretary of the cabinet. Special mention to the delicious character of Jeanne played by Christiane Millet, perfect as an uncompromising lawyer who no longer has all his head.

Finally, the series benefits from solid guests in each episode, from Grégoire Bonnet (Scènes de Ménages) as a devious general counsel, Jérôme Bertin (Plus Belle la vie) as a business manager accused of rape, or Julien Baumgartner (Cain) as a suspected novelist. of the murder of his wife.

Refined by the muffled and fluid staging of Jean-Christophe Delpias, in charge of the 6 episodes, this Code does not have to be ashamed of a comparison with American legal thrillers by offering real television entertainment with embodied characters, including the pleadings and the sequences of verbal jousting between representatives of the law give us to see the police investigations of the public service under another angle.

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