The Code changed at 13:55 on France 2: how was the dinner scene? – Cine News

The Code changed at 13:55 on France 2: how was the dinner scene? – Cine News

On the occasion of the broadcast this afternoon on France 2 of Danièle Thompson’s “Code has changed”, back on the set of the key scene of the film.

Luc Roux

Three years after Fauteuils d’orchestre, Danièle Thompson signed another choral film in 2009, Le Code changed. The film follows a group of friends who meet for dinner. If each guest is cordial and in a good mood, the masks fall on the way back. The director’s starting point was to imagine what goes on behind the scenes of an evening with friends where everyone arrives with luggage that they put aside to preserve appearances.

The dinner scene, which reveals or triggers major events in the characters’ lives, represents the pivot of the feature film. It required four weeks of filming and the presence of the following ten actors: Karin Viard, Dany Boon, Marina Foïs, Laurent Stocker, Blanca Li, Patrick Chesnais, Marina Hands, Christopher Thompson, Emmanuelle Seigner and Patrick Bruel. For the latter, it was a question of repairing a missed appointment. The actor and singer was indeed considered to play in Orchestra chairs, before his role was finally assigned to Albert Dupontel.

Bringing these ten players together was a challenge: “It was technically very complicated to settle with everyone’s requirements. Especially since five actors were every night at the theater …”, remembers the director. Her son Christopher, who is also the film’s co-writer, adds: “We stayed a month in this house, around this table. We worked a lot but we also laughed a lot. Beyond our differences, there was an osmosis, a spirit of troop and solidarity between the ones and others”.

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