The Club 300 AlloCiné loves “Miss”! – Cinema News

 The Club 300 AlloCiné loves "Miss"! - Cinema News

Members got a preview of Ruben Alves’ film last February.

What is it about ?
Alex, a graceful 9-year-old boy who happily navigates between genres, has a dream: to one day be elected Miss France. 15 years later, Alex has lost his parents and his self-confidence and stagnates in a monotonous life. An unexpected meeting will awaken this forgotten dream. Alex then decides to compete in Miss France by hiding his identity as a boy. Beauty, excellence, camaraderie… Through the stages of a merciless competition, helped by a colorful heart family, Alex will set off to conquer the title, his femininity and above all, himself …
Everything about the movie

When does it come out? October 21, 2020

What in thinks the AlloCiné Club 300?
Voting results: Excellent: 48%, Good: 25%, Not so bad: 16.5%, Very little for me: 10.5%

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Members’ opinions

We go from laughter to tears. The actors are absolutely fantastic. Miss gives us a lot to think about the conditions of women and girls in particular and people who “navigate between the genders”. Read the review

Eléonore Laly – Plume AlloCiné
Miss is a delightful comedy and of great sensitivity. If the main subject seems to be the notion of gender / identity under cover of a rather light background (Miss France), it is also (above all) an ode to the pursuit of dreams, the quest for oneself and to the family in the very broad sense of the term. We are struck by the grace of its main actor, who transcribes with great accuracy the discomfort of his character.

Pierre Saget – Plume AlloCiné
(…) We spend a more pleasant time. A great surprise !

Gone Hollywood
The opening up of the concept of femininity is a great cause to defend for the next candidates of a competition which, before welcoming transvestites, could start by accepting all women. Read the review

Frédéric Mutez – Plume AlloCiné
The film wants to be very touching by a brilliant cast where each actor plays fair. Some prices should be concerned. A beautiful moral on the woman echoing #MeToo.

Léa Sardano – Feather AlloCiné
In short, the story is good, touching, full of pretty messages. Miss is mostly funny, fair and amazing. In short, the film that cheers you up!

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