The Clinton-Lewinsky affair reviewed and corrected? It’s in American Crime Story on Canal + -…

After the trial of OJ Simpson and the assassination of Gianni Versace, the anthology series “American Crime Story” focuses on a national scandal, that between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. To discover on CANAL + and myCANAL.


The crossed portrait of three women during the impeachment proceedings launched against President Bill Clinton following the revelation of the Monica Lewinsky affair.

American Crime Story: Impeachment, a series created by Ryan Murphy and Sarah Burgess.

Available on CANAL + and myCANAL


Ryan Murphy surrounds himself again with Sarah Paulson, his favorite actress, unrecognizable in the guise of Linda Tripp. On the contrary, Beanie Feldstein signs her entry into the creator’s universe with her role of Monica Lewinsky. She appeared in Booksmart Olivia Wilde and Lady Bird by Greta Gerwig. Annaleigh Ashford plays Paula Jones. She was in the second season American Crime Story and in the series Masters of Sex and unbelievable. Edie Falco, star of Nurse Jackie and The Sopranos, plays Hillary Clinton. Clive Owen, Oscar nominee in 2005 for Close by Mike Nichols, plays United States President Bill Clinton.


In France, the Clinton-Lewinsky affair had caused much ink to flow, but it was nothing compared to the impact caused in the United States. With Impeachment, the creator Ryan Murphy offers to live the controversy as closely as possible. He slips between the walls of the White House to film the scandal from the inside. The opportunity for a non-American audience to learn more about the details and about those who played a major role in this national crisis. As in the first two seasons – which respectively focused on the OJ Simpson trial and the assassination of Gianni Versace – this new chapter takes the resemblance to the real protagonists and the reconstruction of the facts to the extreme.

On screen, the performers appear transformed, starting with Sarah Paulson, whose face and body, deconstructed by prostheses, give way to those of Linda Tripp. The rendering is impressive, its performance is just as impressive. To bring this fascinating and manipulative character to life, the actress works on her body language and her voice, which is also unrecognizable. Beanie Feldstein appears less sophisticated, but just as convincing in the shoes of the gullible trainee. In America, the metamorphosis of the actresses in the program has been strongly criticized, criticizing the series for taking on the appearance of pastiche.

The clinton-lewinsky affair reviewed and corrected? It's in american crime story on canal + -...
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Sarah Paulson and Beanie Feldstein as Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky.

If the creators ofImpeachment underline the physical aspect of the characters as much as it is because the bodies of these women were really attacked and mocked during the events. Behind the reconstruction of this scandal, Impeachment aims to tell the story through exclusively female points of view and that is the big idea of ​​the series. There is also an anxiety-provoking climate. With its dark photography, its long dialogues in corridors and its numerous characters wiretapped, the fiction takes again the codes of the political thriller – or of espionage – and devours itself as such.

Consisting of 10 episodes, Impeachment returns to a business which, 20 years later and at the dawn of a new era, has not lost any of its relevance. This is the fate of a 22-year-old young woman, thrown as food to the press around the world. By taking an interest in this scandal, Ryan Murphy and Sarah Burgess offer entertainment while pointing out, with brio, the mistakes made in the past, such as the misogynistic treatment suffered by these women, whether they are angels or demons.

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