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The class struggle on France 2:

Broadcast this evening on France 2, “The class struggle”, carried by the excellent duo Edouard Baer and Leïla Bekhti, is a very pretty comedy coupled with a real reflection on social diversity and living together.

The class struggle on france 2: under the veneer of comedy
The class struggle on france 2: under the veneer of comedy

A handful of days before the start of the school year, France 2 is broadcasting this August 29 a pretty comedy on the subject, The class struggle. Worn by the duo Edouard Baer and Leïla Bekhti and signed by Michel Leclerc, the film features the family life of a couple, Sofia and Paul.

She, a brilliant lawyer of North African origin, grew up in a nearby city. He, a punk-rock drummer and an anarist at heart, cultivates a lack of ambition which commands respect! Like all parents, they want the best for their son Corentin, a student at Jean Jaurès, the neighborhood primary school.

But when all his friends desert public school for the Saint Benedict Catholic institution, Corentin feels alone. How to remain faithful to the Republican school when your child does not want to set foot there anymore? Caught between their values ​​and their parental concerns, Sofia and Paul will see their couple severely tested by the “class struggle”.

Here is the trailer for the film again.

Under the veneer of a comedy capable of eliciting frank laughter, Michel Leclerc also delivers a real political reflection on social diversity in public and secular schools, and on living together in the suburbs, while being careful however – and c This is one of its successes – of all moralizing judgment.

To tell the truth, the scenario of Class struggle was born from a situation that Michel Leclerc and screenwriter Baya Kasmi really experienced. “Like Sofia and Paul, we lived in Bagnolet, for ten years, in a small house with a garden, and then our son began to have problems at school, which plunged us into great anguish, an intimate dilemma . It was in 2015, at Charlie’s time, in the same Jean Jaurès school where I shot La Lutte des classes “ he explained at the time of the film’s release, in 2019.

An activist film

If deepening the contradictions of the Left is a constant in the work of Michel Leclerc, as we have seen with Le Nom des gens and Télé Gaucho, the filmmaker is also at ease with the idea of ​​having made a film. militant, on a subject which moreover very often comes up on the table of political discussions. And which is still a real minefield for all the Ministers of National Education …

“it is true that in France […] there are poor public schools and rich public schools and it seems totally abnormal to us that in some of the disadvantaged neighborhoods schools are falling apart because there is no budget to repair them “ he blurted out in a very interesting interview given to the Daily Movies site in April 2019.

“Is it really a question of means when it comes to the quality of teaching?” the journalist asked him. “I believe that whatever the school, there are always people who do their job very well and people who do it less well … But on the other hand the job is made difficult by material problems, by problems of tensions inside the school, by problems of lack of diversity inside the school and all that, that can generate a lot of problems at the level of the teachers and a lot of stress “ Leclerc clarified.

A class struggle in two senses therefore, joyful but also serious, to discover this evening on France 2.

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