The cinema releases of March 23: Ambulance, La Brigade, Le Temps des secrets… – Actus Ciné

The cinema releases of march 23: ambulance, la brigade, le temps des secrets... - actus ciné

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Michael Bay Ambulance

With Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Eiza Gonzalez…

What is it about ? Will Sharp, a decorated veteran, enlists the only untrustworthy person, his foster brother Danny, to find the money to cover his wife’s medical bills. The latter, a charismatic long-term criminal, instead of giving him money, offers him a shot…

Did you know ? Ambulance is the remake of the Danish film of the same name directed by Laurits Munch-Petersen and released in 2005. When the project emerged in 2015, there was talk of Phillip Noyce (Salt) being in charge of the direction, then Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, to whom we owe Big Bad Wolves. Things ultimately didn’t pan out until Michael Bay revived the project in late 2020.

The Time of Secrets by Christophe Barratier

With Léo Campion, Guillaume De Tonquédec, Mélanie Doutey…

What is it about ? Marseilles, July 1905. The young Marcel Pagnol has just completed his primary studies. In three months, he will enter “high school”. Three months… an eternity when you’re that age. Because it’s vacation time, the real ones, the big ones!

Did you know ? 32 years after My Father’s Glory and My Mother’s Castle, directed by Yves Robert and produced by Claude Berri, the continuation of Marcel Pagnol’s childhood memories is finally adapted to the cinema. Christophe Barratier (The Choristers, The War of the Buttons) took hold of this third part, The Time of Secrets, screened in preview at Alpe d’Huez, in a special session.

The Brigade of Louis-Julien Petit

With Audrey Lamy, Francois Cluzet, Chantal Neuwirth…

What is it about ? Ever since she was little, Cathy has dreamed of running her own restaurant. But at forty, nothing went as planned and she finds herself forced to accept a job as a canteen in a home for young migrants. Her dream still seems to be slipping away… or not?

Did you know ? Since the filming of Les Invisibles (2019), his previous social comedy, Louis-Julien Petit has been very interested in the question of integration in all its forms in France. At the same time, his producer Liza Benguigui introduced him to Sophie Bensadoun, screenwriter and documentary filmmaker, who had the idea of ​​writing a fictional film on the theme of the integration of foreign unaccompanied minors through cooking.

A mother by Sylvie Audcoeur

With Karin Viard, Darren Muselet, Samir Guesmi…

What is it about ? Aline has never managed to mourn her son who died at 17 in a brawl. When she crosses by chance her attacker, just released from prison, she decides to build a plan to get revenge. As determined as she is, Aline begins to doubt as she gets to know the young man.

Did you know ? A seasoned screenwriter, Sylvie Audcoeur is making her first feature film, Une mère, after two shorts (Séparation and Paris – Pantin). The starting point of the film was born from a question that has haunted the filmmaker for a long time: how do we forgive? She explains : “From there, I said to myself: what is the worst thing that can happen to us? And therefore the most difficult to forgive? That someone kills our child.”

Of our wounded brothers from Hélier Cisterne

With Vincent Lacoste, Vicky Krieps, Jules Langlade…

What is it about ? 1954, Hélène and Fernand fall in love. With him she leaves for Algiers, discovers its beauty and the attachment that Fernand has for his country. While Algeria and France are torn apart, their lives are turned upside down. The true story of a couple’s fight for freedom.

Did you know ? From our wounded brothers is adapted from the novel of the same name by Joseph Andras published in May 2016 by Actes Sud and winner of the Goncourt prize for the first novel. It was Hélier Cisterne’s companion, Katell Quillévéré, who told him about the book.

Tropic of Violence by Manuel Schapira

With Gilles-Alane Ngalamou Hippocrate, Céline Sallette, Dali Benssalah…

What is it about ? Mayotte, forgotten territory of the Republic. When his mother dies, the young Moses joins a shanty town populated by miners left entirely to their own devices. There he meets Bruce, a tyrannical and unpredictable clan leader. On this burning island, the destiny of Moses changes.

Did you know ? Tropic of Violence is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Nathacha Appanah. It was Delphine de Vigan, with whom Manuel Schapira wrote the screenplay, who introduced the director to this book. The latter, who for the occasion signs his first feature film, confides: “This very intense novel, both beautiful and hard, takes place in Mayotte, the poorest French department in France, which we never hear about.”

Bruno Reidal, confession of a murderer by Vincent Le Port

With Dimitri Doré, Jean-Luc Vincent, Roman Villedieu…

What is it about ? September 1, 1905. A 17-year-old seminarian is arrested for the murder of a 12-year-old child. To understand his gesture, doctors ask him to relate his life from his childhood until the day of the crime.

Did you know ? The film is inspired by a news item that took place in Cantal in 1905. A young and weak 17-year-old seminarian, Bruno Reidal, beheaded a 13-year-old child. The body was found outside a small village. Le Grand Jour du Lièvre by Dace Riduze, Maris Brinkmanis Program of 4 animated puppet films by Studios AB.

Compatible with Patrick Attali, Thibaut Miche

With Samir Harrag, Hicham Harrag, Agnes Godey…

What is it about ? Deborah and Rachid both grew up in a suburb of Lyon where everyone knows each other. Their respective religions and cultures weigh on them and prohibit their budding love.

Shadow of a Lie by Bouli Lanners

Starring Michelle Fairley, Bouli Lanners, Andrew Still…

What is it about ? Phil went into exile in a small Presbyterian community on the Isle of Lewis, in the north of Scotland. One night, he suffers a stroke that causes him to lose his memory. Back on the island, he finds Millie, a woman from the community who takes care of him.

Did you know ? The Isle of Lewis is a character in its own right in the film. A special place compared to the rest of Scotland where, given its remoteness from the rest of the country, the Gaelic culture remains very strong and tourism is underdeveloped.

The Great Day of the Hare by Dace Riduze, Maris Brinkmanis

What is it about ? Program of 4 animated puppet films by Studios AB :

– Les Petits pois by Dace Rīdūze (2020, 14′): Eight peas enjoy the warmth of their cozy pods. But a hungry worm disturbs their peace!

– The Great Day of the Hare by Dace Rīdūze (2015, 10′): Easter is fast approaching. The whole Rabbit family works hard to get the eggs ready on time!

– Vaïkiki by Māris Brinkmanis (2017, 10 ‘): One evening in a pastry shop, a chocolate truffle falls from its shelf and lands in a plate of sweets.

– The Grain of Dust by Dace Rīdūze (2018, 13′): As soon as a little boy leaves his room, little specks of dust come out of their hiding place and lead the good life.

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