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Nomadland by Chloé Zhao

With Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Gay DeForest …

What is it about ? After the economic collapse of the working-class city of Nevada where she lived, Fern decides to hit the road in his campervan and adopt a modern nomadic life, breaking with the standards of today’s society.

Did you know ? The plot of Nomadland is taken from the book “Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century” written by journalist Jessica Bruder, and first published in 2017. For a long time, she followed several seniors who had become precarious who decided to go in search of odd jobs, aboard mini-vans.

Laurent Tirard’s speech

With Benjamin Lavernhe, Sara Giraudeau, Kyan Khojandi …

What is it about ? Stuck at a family meal that makes him want to murder, Adrien waits. He waits for Sonia to answer his text message and put an end to the “break” she has been giving him for a month. And now Ludo, his future brother-in-law, asks him to give a “little” speech for the wedding!

Did you know ? It was after having read Zaï Zaï Zaï Zaï, whom he adored, that Laurent Tirard contacted Fabcaro to express his admiration to him. The rights to the burlesque comic were already taken and Tirard could not see himself adapting it anyway. On the other hand, he was convinced that they would have to work together. When The Speech came out, the director immediately wanted to adapt it.

Forgetting that we will be by Fernando Trueba

With Javier Cámara, Nicolas Reyes, Juan Pablo Urrego …

What is it about ? Colombia, 1980s. Doctor Hector Abad Gomez struggles to lift the people of Medellin out of poverty. Despite the threats hanging over him, he refuses to be silenced. The fate of this committed doctor and devoted father of a family is drawn through the gentle and admiring gaze of his son.

Did you know ? Since its release in 2006, Héctor Abad Faciolince’s novel, “The Forgotten that we will be”, was a huge success and is today considered one of the masterpieces of Hispanic literature. The author is none other than the son of Doctor Abad who was assassinated in Medellín in 1987.

200 meters from Ameen Nayfeh

With Ali Suliman, Anna Unterberger, Lana Zreik …

What is it about ? Mustafa on one side, Salwa and the children on the other, a family lives apart on either side of the Israeli Wall just 200 meters away. They resist every day with all the cunning and tenderness necessary to “live” like everyone else, when a serious incident upsets this ephemeral balance.

The present moment by Florian Hessique

With Alice Raucoules, Florian Hessique, Martin Lamotte …

What is it about ? After a fall from his horse that plunged him into a coma for nearly ten years, Joshua returns to the stables he has known so well. Welcomed by Mario and Alice, he recognizes nothing and no one.

Did you know ? Not content with being the director and screenwriter of The Present Moment, Florian Hessique also plays the main role. It is the third time for him that he is in front of and behind the camera. A delicate exercise in which he is supported by his team: “It helps a lot! We understand each other quickly and I can also rely on their expertise”.

A Spring in Hong-Kong by Ray Yeung

With Tai-Bo, Ben Yuen, Patra Au …

What is it about ? Pak, a taxi driver, and Hoi, retired, live in Hong Kong. They have built their life around their family but their meeting, at random on a street, leads them on the slopes of a beautiful love story, which they decide to live without upsetting the traditions of their community.

Did you know ? Ray Yeung defines himself as an LGBT director. His first two feature films, which also tackled LGBT themes, focused mainly on Asians living in the Western world. Spring in Hong Kong is his first Cantonese-language film, filmed in his hometown.

Rascal by Peter Dourountzis

With Pierre Deladonchamps, Ophélie Bau, Sébastien Houbani …

What is it about ? Djé arrives in town penniless, with his charm as his only weapon. He seizes every opportunity to work, to love, to sleep. And kill.

Did you know ? Je is not the archetype of the very intelligent American serial killer in The Silence of the Lambs and Seven. To design the character, Peter Dourountzis was rather inspired by several Parisian serial killers of the 1990s, such as Mamadou Traoré, “the bare-handed killer”, Patrick Trémeau, “the rapist of the parking lots” and of course Guy Georges, “the killer of the east of Paris “.

Conjuring 3: Under the Devil of Michael Chaves

With Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Ruairi O’Connor …

What is it about ? In this case resulting from their secret files – one of the most spectacular -, Ed and Lorrain begin by fighting to protect the soul of a little boy, then fall into a radically unknown world.

Did you know ? If the first two Conjuring were directed by the specialist in horror in the person of James Wan, Conjuring: under the influence of the devil is directed by Michael Chaves to whom we owe The Curse of the White Lady. Wan, however, remains committed to the project as a producer.

Mamadou Dia’s Father of Nafi

With Saikou Lo, Alassane Sy, Penda Daly Sy …

What is it about ? In a small town in Senegal, two brothers clash over the marriage of their children. Two visions of the world clash, one moderate, the other radical. The young Nafi and Tokara dream of going to study in Dakar, the capital, and of living with their times.

Did you know ? With the exception of the two main roles, Saikou Lo and Alassane Sy, all of Father de Nafi’s actors are amateurs. To find them, Mamadou Dia went to the cultural center of Matam where the young people meet.

Juliana by Fernando Espinoza, Alejandro Legaspi

With Rosa Isabel Morffino, Julio Vega, Maritza Gutti …

What is it about ? Lima, in the 80s. Abused by her stepfather, the young Juliana runs away. Left to herself, the teenager cuts her hair and pretends to be a boy. Under another identity, the teenager then integrates a gang of street children who manage as best they can to survive.

Did you know ? Juliana’s story has its origins in an article published in a Lima daily that mentioned a man recruiting children to work on city buses.

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