The cinema releases of August 10: Nope, Dodo, The very very high class… – Actus Ciné

The cinema releases of august 10: nope, dodo, the very very high class... - actus ciné

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Boop by Jordan Peele

With Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun…

What is it about ? The inhabitants of a lost valley in the depths of California witness a terrifying supernatural discovery.

Did you know ? Nope is the third feature film directed by Jordan Peele after get-out (2017) and Us (2019), having respectively achieved $253 and $256 million in worldwide revenue (and this for budgets between $5 and $20 million).

Dodo by Panos H. Koutras

With Smaragda Karydi, Akis Sakellariou, Natasa Exintaveloni…

What is it about ? In their luxurious villa near Athens, Mariella and Pavlos, a couple on the verge of ruin, prepare to celebrate the marriage of their daughter Sofia to a wealthy heir. It was then that a dodo, a bird that disappeared 300 years ago, appeared.

Did you know ? The Mauritius Dodo, better known as the Dodo, is an endemic bird species of Mauritius that has disappeared since the end of the 17th century. The animal died out less than a century after its discovery, after being hunted and exterminated by humans.

One Piece Movie – Red by Goro Taniguchi

With Hiroaki Hirata, Mayumi Tanaka, Akemi Okamura…

What is it about ? Luffy and his crew are about to attend an eagerly awaited music festival. The most popular singer in the world, Uta, will take the stage for the first time. Daughter of the legendary pirate Shanks Le Roux, she will reveal the exceptional power of her voice.

Did you know ? First published in Japan in 1997, One Piece is a shōnen manga series created by Eiichiro Oda. It is the best-selling manga in the world with 490 million copies sold (including 28 million in France).

Since 1999, the manga has been adapted into anime, which currently has more than 1000 episodes, broadcast in 80 countries. About fifteen feature films have also been released, including One Piece Film – Red.

The very very high class by Frederic Quiring

With Melha Bedia, Audrey Fleurot, François Berléand…

What is it about ? Sofia is a young French teacher, martyred by her students. Believing at last to hold the mutation of her dreams, she launches into an explosive farewell and savors her revenge. Problem: her transfer is frozen, she is now in competition with a professor with an irreproachable CV…

Did you know ? Frédéric Quiring wanted to set the scene for his third film in a college. The director is indeed a big fan of all the teen movies that take place in schools, like Ferris Bueller’s Mad Day by John Hughes, the series Sex Education or grease.

far from home by Wissam Tanios

With Milad Khawam, Jamil Khawam…

What is it about ? Two young Syrian brothers steeped in hope decide to leave to rebuild their lives in foreign cities. They will leave everything behind except their endless thirst for life, their determination, their humor and their desire for a better future.

Did you know ? Wissam Tanios was born and raised in Beirut. Her mother is Syrian and her father Lebanese. The future filmmaker saw Milad and Jamil every summer, and his childhood is therefore closely linked to theirs. He remembers :

“I didn’t see them much, two or three times a year. It was in Damascus that I came of age and cut the umbilical cord with my mother. It wasn’t always a cakewalk.”

Dino Ranch – The Adventures of the Dino-Ranchers at the Movies! by Bill Speers

What is it about ? For the first time in theaters, conquer the west in new adventures with Jon, Min, and Miguel and their dino pals Blitz, Clover, and Tango!

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