The Candella Ball: Devilish Bodies

I have a confession to make to you: Besides my marriage to Berlin, I have an extramarital affair with Medellin, Colombia. You know, it’s nice to stick your head out of Berlin once in a while to see what other cities are doing. And with that in mind, I want to share with you a series of party photos I took in Medellin last weekend at the Candela Ball, so you can also see what the queer party scenes look like in other major cities of the world.

I loved photographing at this drag ball. It was a bit like the good old days in Berlin where I regularly took party photos. One of the first parties I had to think of was the Blitz party which I captured several times. The costumes, the make-up and the effort put in by both the organizers and the guests is truly something rare to find. That’s what I found at the Candela Ball.

The audience really went the extra mile with their outfits, I was so impressed (also – I admit – with the level of hotness). But what was even more breathtaking was the quality and production value of the Haus of Candela members’ drag performances. It’s way beyond what I’ve seen in the Berlin drag scene and I kinda wish there was something comparable in Berlin. (Unfortunately, the only drag house I know of here — House of Presents — just announced its closure.)

These young Colombian queens and their dancers really outdid themselves and it was great to see how the audience really celebrated them feverishly. It felt like the immense effort and love that went into it was truly cherished and appreciated – and I’m happy to be able to add something to that with my photos. Hats off, Haus de Candela, I love you girls!

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