The Brothers Scott: a sexual assault treated in a superficial way in the series according to its actresses – news series on tv

In their podcast dedicated to the series “The Brothers Scott”, the actresses Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz, return to an episode in which one of them is sexually assaulted. And criticize the superficial treatment of it.

The brothers scott: a sexual assault treated in a superficial way in the series according to its actresses - news series on tv

It’s been ten years since the Scottish Brothers series bowed out. But Mark Schwahn’s creation enjoys great sympathy, and is still popular.

It is also in this well understood logic that its three female stars, Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz, who respectively played Brooke Davis, Peyton Sawyer and Haley James, decided a little while ago to launch a baptized podcast Drama Queens, in which they decipher each episode of the series and deliver filming anecdotes.

In their last episode, they return to episode 8 of season 1 (entitled Chez nous “Risk taking”), in which Peyton was drugged at a college party, with date rape drugs, and sexually assaulted. The three actresses are unanimous: the script treatment of this episode, as it was thought at the time, would no longer pass today.

Bethany Joy Lenz regrets that the episode was not devoted to this incident, “to see the story unfold and that we can deal with all the implications of a sexual assault. I have the impression that we have skimmed the subject, moving quickly to something else.”

To which Hilarie Burton adds: “If you’ve never been sexually assaulted and you write about it, it’s easy to be like, ‘Man, that’s nothing. You’re fine. And the next day you wake up and go back to high school like if nothing had happened ‘. That’s bullshit. In reality, it absolutely does not happen like that. If the show was shot today, the girls would have definitely reported the incident. Because if it was drugged Peyton, he’ll drug other women. “

Sophia Bush lets go, for her part, to be disturbed by the fact that the writers have not dealt with “feelings of shame and guilt as well as post traumatic stress that victims of sexual assault suffer “, while underlining the fact that, in 2003, when the episode was written, violence against women and its consequences were not often discussed. “On the one hand, we were progressive to talk about it, but I also have the impression that we were not up to the task. “

The sexual harassment of the creator of the series

The considerations of the actresses make all the more sense in the light of the revelations of recent years around the creator and showrunner of the series.

Accused of sexual harassment in 2017, Mark Schwahn, at the time showrunner of the series The Royals, was fired after an internal investigation by the E! Channel. The person concerned was already implicated precisely by the actresses of the series The Scott brothers.

“The first time he groped my butt, I hit him in front of six producers and put a good one on him!” thus tell Sophia Bush in 2018. August 10, she also recalled, in another podcast, that she had signed a collective letter with 18 other members of the cast to complain about the inappropriate behavior of the showrunner on the series; even pointing out that the latter clearly displayed in his office photos of actresses in underwear, taken by the costume manager during fittings.

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