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True success on Netflix, “The Chronicle of Bridgertons”, first production of Shonda Rhimes for the platform, continues to impassion the fans. The proof is with this new detail revealed by one of the flagship actresses of the program.

Please note, the following article contains important revelations about the plot of the series.

Produced by Shonda Rhimes, undisputed queen of American fiction, The Chronicle of the Bridgertons captivated crowds. Thanks to its success, Netflix has already ordered a season 2, which is currently in preparation. Almost two months after its release, the multiple conversations and theories are still as lively as possible, from the fans, but also from the program’s own stars. Sure his Twitter account, actress Nicola Coughlan, alias Penelope Featherington has revealed a funniest detail about her character.

Those who have watched the entire first season know that the young woman is hiding behind the controversial Lady Whistledown which, with articles, creates scandal in the heart of British society by revealing their darkest secrets. A foretaste of this major revelation is unveiled from the first seconds of episode 1, during the first appearance of Penelope Featherington.


Nicola Coughlan appears in the background, right, with a feather.

The actress chose to appear with a large yellow feather in her hands to symbolize the writing quill with which her character writes her outrageous posts. “If you look again there are lots of little details here and there, tell me if you find any more and I will confirm or not.“, adds the actress in a second tweet. Take out the magnifiers.

Discover the soundtrack of the series “The Chronicle of the Bridgertons”:

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