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Season 3 of The Boys, being broadcast on Prime Video, continues to stir the Web. Lately, these are toxic and racist characters that have been defended by Internet users on Reddit.

The Reddit site moderators had a lot of work this weekend. In question, the discussions around the series of Amazon The Boysa satire that makes fun of politics, superheroes and celebrity and whose problematic characters have won the favor of some Internet users.

A Forbidden Super Racist

In episode 5 available since last Friday, Blue Hawk, the new vigilante embodied by Nick Wechsler, has to go to a black community to apologize for killing an unarmed man. His speech – during which he does not question himself at all and which reinforces the racism of the character who ends up using violence and shouting “all lives matter” (“All Lives Matter” in English, a slogan associated with the extreme right) – was thus defended by fans.

Unarmed does not mean dangerous. And it’s good that his speech was sarcastic because there is no reason to apologize to eliminate criminals“, can we read in particular in a Reddit post spotted by the freelance journalist and author of the Garbage Day newsletter, Ryan Broderick.

Reddit moderators on the spot

The latter compiled some excerpts from what can be read about The Boys on the community site, commenting:

The Reddit forum on The Boys is absolute chaos right now. Discussion threads are locked, users are furiously deleting entire accounts. It’s incredible. Right-wingers are complaining because they don’t want politics, but it’s impossible to talk about the show without them now. Fans who thought The Protector was cool are in the throes of a crisis.

And to add:People ask how Redditors can sympathize with The Protector (or Darth Vader or whatever) when the character is so clearly the villain. They know he’s the bad guy. They want the villain to be revealed as simply misunderstood and then redeemed so they don’t feel uncomfortable.

A Reddit moderator confirmed on Twitter that all those comments defending the show’s most toxic characters gave him a lot of work to do: “I’m a moderator there. [Nous sommes] 3 days into the new episode and the reports keep pouring in about ‘Blue Hawk was right’ / ‘Becca wasn’t raped’ etc, comments left and right. I spent all day on it.

And to specify, sarcastically: “We’ve opened up for moderator applications today, you too can be a TheBoys moderator, it’s *too fun*.

Other netizens nevertheless allowed themselves to make fun of all those complaining that the series had become too political, pointing out that it actually always was, while celebrating its way of approaching the subject in a satirical way.

The Protector, a reflection of Donald Trump

During an interview at The Digital Fixthe creator of the show, Eric Kripkeindeed recalled that politics has always been in the DNA of The Boys: “When I was given the job, I had dinner with Garth Ennis who wrote the comic book. And I asked him ‘What inspired you to create it?’ and he said, ‘I was interested in seeing what might happen if you combine the worst of politics with the worst of fame. And he wrote that in 2006.

Moreover, for the screenwriter, one of the scariest characters in the series, The Protector, is a caricature of donald trump. “He’s always been a Trump equivalent to me. I admit to being a little more direct this season than in previous seasons. But the world is getting cruder and less elegant. The urgency of our team’s writing reflects this“, he thus confided to RollingStone.

And to continue:We’ve gotten angrier and more scared over the years, and that’s reflected in our scripts. But part of that is the natural direction of the Protector’s story. He’s got this really flammable mix of utter weakness and insecurity, and horrible power and ambition, and it’s just a deadly combo.

Of course, he would feel victimized and find it unfair that people were angry that he dated a Nazi. All he wants is to be the most powerful person he can be, even if he’s not in a position to do that at all.

Then to conclude:So it’s about white male victimization and unchecked ambition. And those issues just happen to mirror the guy who, still surreal to say, was the fucking President of the United States.

If this is what Eric Kripke wants to denounce, Internet users, on the contrary, see the character ofAnthony Starr as a flawed hero in need of redemption and not as the dictator he has become. This has therefore recently fueled many debates on Reddit and social networks.

The series also parodies DC and Marvel superheroes:

The boys: the american far right seduced by certain characters from the series - news...

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