The Boys season 2 on Amazon: how was the sex scene of episode 5 shot? – News Series on TV

The Boys season 2 on Amazon: how was the sex scene of episode 5 shot?  – News Series on TV

Back in the shoes of the Protector of the Fatherland in season 2 of “The Boys” on Amazon Prime Video, Antony Starr returns to the astonishing sex scene that concludes episode 5.

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WARNING – The article below contains some spoilers, since it returns to events of episode 5 of season 2 of “The Boys”. So please go your way if you are not up to date. For the others, see you after the trailer.

“He’s the most needy of the characters on the show, the weakest emotionally.” When it comes to evoking the Protector of the Fatherland, which he has played since season 1 of The Boys, Antony Starr does not mince his words. The New Zealand actor revealed by Banshee returned to Collider on the new episodes of the Amazon Prime Video series and the trajectory of the unsavory superhero he describes himself as “a needy little boy” : “There is the idea of ​​this guy who has always been ostracized and disconnected, not only from humanity but also from other superheroes because he flies solo, locked in this marketing product created by a company, where he has builds his identity around the Protector of the Fatherland character, as the person deep inside him claims to meet someone he can get along with on this plane. And that’s what he finds with Stormfront. “

Newcomer interpreted by Aya Cash (You’re the Worst), the latter was however presented to us as a rival for the leader of the Seven, who kept getting put back in his place and enraged more and more. Until the end of episode 5 of season 2 when the Protector of the Fatherland, who already gravitated around the notion of sexuality through his relationships with Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue) and Maeve (Dominique McElligott), s’ engages in particularly hectic and aerial frolics with Stormfront: “It was quite strange”, comments Antony Starr. “I’ve shot a handful of sex scenes over the past few years, and this one is by far the least intimate and the most surreal. Especially since, in this case, it was a bit like a fight or a ballet. , because there are a lot of stunts and weird actions. You have to go step by step. “

“Everything has to be in its place. It’s not the cliché romantic scene it can get. There’s nothing mundane here. The conversations were less about comfort levels and tone and more about safety, harnesses, precautionary measures, special effects and the like “, he continues before confirming that the shoot was as special as the result: “I was laughing like a kid (…) When we watch what we’re doing, there are some serious elements that the show tries to develop a social commentary, and there are things like these, which are just game and sheer nonsense. “

“Aya and I were harnessed up, and we make love that way, which is very difficult. We had to make it seem like we were sleeping together in the air while a mirror ball was coming down. It was very hard to get hold of. We had to. turn around slowly. And everything that could go wrong failed, and we laughed and ruined one of the candlesticks [qui devaient tomber, ndlr] (…) It’s the kind of thing that is so ridiculous that the only thing we can do is sit in our uncomfortable harnesses, three meters off the ground, and laugh at it. “

Like the viewer in front of his screen, even if this scene could mark the turning point of the season. Symbols of the union of nationalism and racism, of which they are the incarnations, the antics of the Protector of the Fatherland and of Stormfront could give a feeling of unity to the Seven, and make them again a formidable avdersaire for the Boys of Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), yet determined to bring them down. What does the rest of this season 2 have in store for us? Answer this Friday, with the sixth episode.

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