The Boys: a season 4 between Avengers Endgame… and Kramer against Kramer announced by the…

The third season of The Boys has just ended on Prime Video, opening the door to several storylines for the following season. We take stock.

Warning, this article contains spoilers for season 3 of The Boys!

The Boys, season 3, it’s over! But don’t panic, the series ofEric Kripke will return for a fourth season which will begin filming at the end of August, as confirmed by the showrunner to varietyspecifying that it will be “probably from the most emotionally complicated season [qu’il ait] never made”.

And to add:Everyone is really dealing with their core issues in a way that’s pretty exciting, it’s going to be a very character-driven season.” The conclusion of season 3 allows us to guess some of the problems that the heroes of the series will face.

Victoria Neuman, new enemy to kill

This bitch definitely needs to clear”: this is Butcher’s reaction (Karl Urban) upon learning of the candidacy of Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) for Vice President of the United States at the very end of the season. If the motivations of the one who now works in secret with Homelander (Anthony Starr) are still not very clear, we know that they do not bode well and it is certain that the Boys will try to stop the rise of the politician in the next burst of episodes.

Homelander and Ryan, a father-son duo who can do damage

Another character Butcher’s team will have to be wary of is Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), Becca’s son (Shantel VanSanten) and Homelander. Indeed, the young boy chooses at the end of season 3 to side with his biological father rather than the great love of his mother and their reunion is likely to make sparks.

In the very last scene, the leader of the Seven introduces his son to a crowd of his supporters. A moment of euphoria goes awry when one of Homelander’s detractors throws a can at Ryan and the villain blasts his head off with laser beams in retaliation. A gesture which, after a few seconds of bewilderment, thrills the public who extols the super murderer.

These cheers then reinforce the character in the fact that he can now give free rein to all his impulses without any consequences, which also seems to be understood by Ryan, who smiles at the sight of these delirious protesters. What to predict the worst for the future…

The boys: a season 4 between avengers endgame... And kramer against kramer announced by the...
Amazon Studios

Regarding this, Eric Kripke told Variety: “If Butcher can find a way to pull himself together and get the kid back, that might be the best weapon they have against Homelander. But vice versa. If Homelander wins the child’s trust, it’s apocalyptic because then there are two Homelanders.

And to announce the color for the next episodes: “It’s like a children’s drama with apocalyptic stakes. It’s like Kramer versus Kramer who meets Avengers: Endgame. So it will be a very rich story for the future.

Butcher will also have a limited time to prevent Ryan from finally switching to the dark side since he learns in the finale that he only has 12 to 18 months left to live. Between the boy to win back and Victoria Neuman to stop, his last months are likely to be very busy!

A more powerful, full-time Starlight with the Boys

Fortunately, Butcher’s team can count on Annie (Erin Moriarty), who leaves the Seven for good at the end of Season 3 and even gives up her Starlight costume. The episode also reveals that in contact with a lot of electricity, the superheroine is able to fly. A power that, after a little practice, should help him compete with Homelander.

The boys: a season 4 between avengers endgame... And kramer against kramer announced by the...
Amazon Studios

His interpreter, assured variety about these changes:This is the costume she has had since she was little and that her mother made. She must discard it and find her identity without the influence of Vought and her mother. I don’t see her going back to work for Vought. She’s done working with this corrupt, evil society and evil people. I hope she stays Annie or grows into a superhero entity outside of Vought.

What about The Deep and A-Train?

Unlike Annie, two of the members of the Seven continue to work for Vought for the time being, and thus Homelander, who took over as head this season after ousting Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito): The Deep (Chace Crawford) and A-Train (Jessie T Usher). The first has an unfailing loyalty to his boss, which his interpreter explains to Variety as follows:

He’s seen what it’s like to get kicked out and be that D-list Super in Sandusky, Ohio. I think he’s so scared to go back to this place, now that he’s back [chez les Sept]. His position is so tenuous still with Homelander, that he would do anything and Homelander obviously knows this and is a manipulator who is always testing his loyalty.

As for A-Train, he may not last long at Vought after spending the season trying to improve but failing to patch things up with his brother. After being threatened by Homelander, will he stick around or consider joining the Boys?

The boys: a season 4 between avengers endgame... And kramer against kramer announced by the...
Amazon Studios

According to his interpreter, this may be another path that his character will consider: “There is another field. He could very well join Victoria Neuman. She is also all-powerful. In the end, she could eliminate Homelander. She’s not really with the Boys and certainly not with Vought. She is for herself. Maybe he’ll be like, ‘I don’t really believe in what the Boys are doing. I really don’t want to stay at Vought. I can work with you.’

Queen Maeve and Soldier Boy, absent from the next season?

On the side of those who had already abandoned Homelander for a long time, we find Maeve (Dominique McElligott), who almost stayed there in the Season 3 finale but miraculously survived his confrontation with Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles).

However, the character should not be present in season 4. A choice of the authors to force the character of Annie to flourish as revealed by Eric Kripke to Variety: “We needed a way to get Maeve out of the show gracefully, to let her head out.

Obviously, we didn’t want to kill her and fall into the clichés of gay and bisexual characters being killed off in the series. We wanted to do the opposite, get her to leave and give her a happy ending with Elena. The best way to do this was to strip her of her powers so that she would no longer be useful in battle.

The boys: a season 4 between avengers endgame... And kramer against kramer announced by the...
Amazon Studios

And we did that because Annie can’t really thrive until all of the characters that protect her are gone. It was important for his next step that his mentors and protectors disappear. And so it’s up to Annie. There is no one left but Annie. So what is she going to do?

However, he added:I don’t think The Boys will end without Maeve reappearing…” The character should therefore iron a head in the series one day or another. The same goes for Soldier Boy who is kept snugly asleep in a box by Grace Mallory (Laila Robins) at the end of the season.

He’s probably not going to show up in the short term. But there’s a very specific reason why we didn’t kill him. The series is not going to end without Soldier Boy reappearing”, assured Eric Kripke to TVLine.

And to conclude:In order for the story to go where we need it to go, sometimes you have to put characters on the sidelines for a minute. But just because they’re on the bench doesn’t mean they won’t come back.

Our interview with the actors of the Amazon series:

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