The Bold Type on Prime Video: how does the series end?

Amazon Prime Video posted season 5 of The Bold Type online Monday night, which concludes the story of Jane, Kate and Sutton. We spoil you at the end!

That’s it, after 5 years of loyal service, The Bold Type is leaving. An umpteenth season shortened to 6 episodes, COVID obliges, but which concludes the story of our three funny ladies of Scarlett.


Jane (Katie Stevens) starts the season rather badly. She chose not to follow Jacqueline’s advice and to continue her investigation of Ian’s ex. She quickly discovers that one of the witnesses produced a false statement, undermining her entire article. Along with this, she realizes that she can’t work with Scott because of her feelings for him. Unable to offer him a real relationship, he decides to resign.

At the end of the season, Jacqueline decides to retire to devote herself fully to her marriage and her family. She wants Jane to take her place and explains to her that her daily life will be punctuated by meetings of all kinds. The young journalist understands that she will no longer be able to do what she loves: writing and carrying out investigations. After some thought, she decides to refuse the job and announces to the girls that she is leaving Scarlet to travel.


We had left Kate (Aisha Dee) lost with her feelings for Eva. She ends up breaking up once and for all, on the advice of her friends. At the same time, the young woman decides to continue her activism activities and approaches Adena once again to work on a new campaign to help ex-prisoners. Kate decides to project the photos of her friend on the facade of The Belle and is fired from the private club. She bounced back quickly by returning to Scarlet, in charge of the social media vertical.

When Jane refuses the post of editor, she recommends Kate. A choice validated by Jacqueline, who dubbed her replacement during her retirement evening. Proud of this new start, Kate finds Adena to once again declare her love …

The bold type on prime video: how does the series end?

Freeform / Jonathan Wenk

Kate, Sutton and Jane bid farewell to Prime Video.


Season 4 of The Bold Type did not end well for our designer. Despite an emotional marriage, the miscarriage of Sutton (Meghann Fahy) has brought to light a problem in her relationship: she does not want a child to focus on her career, while Richard dreams of becoming a father.

In season 5, things don’t really get better between the lovers as the second decides to file for a divorce, which plunges Sutton once again into alcohol. Richard also tells her that he has launched an adoption application.

Over the course of the episodes, they end up getting closer. Richard realizes that he cannot live far from her and that he prefers a life with her without children, than a life without her.

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