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The Official State Gazette (BOE) has corrected this Wednesday the error that led to the exclusion of Ivana Andrés, one of the captains of the team that won the Women’s World Cup, from the list in which the Gold Medal of Merit was awarded Sports.

The aforementioned official newspaper published on Tuesday a resolution from the Ministry of Culture and Sports granting the aforementioned distinction to the players of the women’s soccer team, but instead of the name of the captain, Ivana Andrés, Ivana Icardi, a former contestant of survivors e influencer. It so happens that the name of Icardi, sister of the Argentine player from Galatasaray, Mauro Icardi, appeared first on the list of those awarded by the Higher Sports Council (CSD).

According to the BOE, there were more errors to correct in the list of the names of the winners. This is reflected in the Official State Gazette: “Where it says: «Aitana Bonmatí Concas…», it should say: «Aitana Bonmatí Conca…». Where it says: «Mariona Caldentey Oliver…», it should read: «María Francesca Caldentey Oliver…» Where it says: «Catalina Coll Llunch…», it should say: «Catalina Coll Lluch…». Where it says: «Ohiane Hernández Zurbarano…», it should say: «Oihane Hernández Zurbano…»”.

After warning of “human error”, the Higher Sports Council apologized to the player and conveyed its intention to correct it promptly. In the resolution by which the players of the national team are awarded and published by the BOE, the CSD highlights “the merits that concur in the sports and professional histories of the players.”

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