The Bodins in Thailand: “We loved seeing this little old lady breaking everything James way …

On the occasion of the release of the comedy Les Bodin’s in Thailand, AlloCiné met the famous comedy duo: Vincent Dubois and Jean-Christian Fraiscinet.

After having hit the mark with their show Full-scale, seen by 1.5 million spectators, Les Bodin’s are ready to conquer the 7th art with Les Bodin’s in Thailand! Interpreted by Vincent Dubois and Jean-Christian Fraiscinet, Maria and Christian Bodin are not at their first attempt in cinema.

The famous comic duo created in 1994 had already invaded the big screen in 2008 with Marriage at the Bodins, then in 2010 with Amélie in the land of the Bodins. This time, the actors benefit from a larger budget, on the strength of their success in the theater for more than 20 years.

“Daniel Craig quit playing James Bond right after seeing Les Bodins in Thailand”, jokes Jean-Christian Fraiscinet, commenting on the action aspect of the feature film. In our video interview above, the tandem looks back on this astonishing direction taken under the leadership of director Frédéric Forestier. The latter pushed Les Bodin’s to modernize, trying a game of poker by sending the duo to the other side of the planet.

With his experience in action with Le Boulet or Asterix at the Olympic Games, the filmmaker guided Vincent Dubois and Jean-Christian Fraiscinet in this direction. Gunfights, somersaults in jet skis, chases, hand-to-hand combat … The Bodins are not afraid of anything!

We define ourselves as caregivers in the work we do.

Moreover, going from theater to cinema is not easy because it is “almost two different jobs”, argues Jean-Christian Fraiscinet. “Both in terms of acting and writing, it’s very different. In theaters, we play in front of 5,000 people, so you have to be talkative, you need power. camera inevitably comes to seek a close-up, a glance, it is really two different professions at the level of the interpretation “, explains the actor.

“In writing, it’s a bit the same thing. In the theater you have to be quite verbose, especially the character of Maria. We talk a lot. In the cinema, there must necessarily be room for landscapes, for silence. . We had to adapt our form of writing, and Frédéric Forestier also helped us “, he confides. “If we are also talkative in the cinema, that becomes too explanatory and that does not go either”, adds Vincent Dubois.

Asked about the self-censorship that comedians would inflict on themselves for fear of offending people, the duo sketched out a logical answer: “We define ourselves as caregivers in the work we do. We are there to give pleasure to people and not stir the knife in the wound. After, the self-censorship, we practice it especially for a good reason: it is not because we are the authors and that we gave birth to these characters that we can make them say everything. Because there are things that will not stick to the Bodins “, Vincent Dubois analysis.

“We cannot make them say something to make a nice word if it does not correspond to their characters, it is on that that we are vigilant. Even if we have finds, lines that can hit the mark, we the question always arises of saying to oneself, does that stick to the characters? “, adds Jean-Christian Fraiscinet.

With Les Bodins, the public follows us as if we were part of their family.

After more than 20 years in the costume of Maria and Christian Bodin, are the actors still so enthusiastic about portraying these earthy peasants? “More than ever !”, responds immediately Jean-Christian Fraiscinet. “Often, people ask us the question because it is characters who imprison us a bit in two roles. But we do other things outside, I have theater, Vincent Dubois has a musical show, even if Les Bodins represent 90% of our time “, emphasizes the artist.

The bodins in thailand: "we loved seeing this little old lady breaking everything james way...

Jean-Christian Fraiscinet and Vincent Dubois

“But we’re not at all afraid of weariness. We’re just afraid of not having enough time to make them say everything we want them to say. It’s great to have characters like that. , we don’t lock ourselves in. It’s two toys, we say to ourselves what are we going to invent for them as stories?, he specifies.

“In a show, we have to find a universe. We have the universe; then we have to tell a story around it, whether in our films or our shows, we always tell a story, always with a little moment of ’emotion. The difficulty is knowing which part of their lives we are going to tell. The spectrum is super wide and it’s very exciting. On the set, Frédéric Forestier wanted to try things and he asked us what Maria would say by example. You don’t have to think long to find out, you let the character do and it comes out by instinct “, says Vincent Dubois.

We have the advantages of the stars without the hassle that goes with it.

How does the tandem explain the success of Les Bodin’s for more than 20 years? “It happened over time. Not very long ago, we met a young woman in her thirties. She said to us:” I’ve been following you since I was 5! ” You already get a little hit in the face but that’s okay … (laughs) Often people follow one thing and then they give up. With Les Bodins, they follow us as if we were part of their family. They want to know what will become of the duo, will the son get married? They follow us, they like us, we touch them, it speaks to them “, Jean-Christian Fraiscinet analysis.

“And then our success makes them happy. Heaven has been kind to us because the success has come very slowly. We have the advantages of the stars without the hassles that go with it. Because we are not worshiped, we have really damn relationships. healthy with our audience. It keeps us out of trouble anyway “, concludes Vincent Dubois.

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