The Boarding School – Las Cumbres on Prime Video: what is this Spanish horror series worth?

Available from February 19 on Prime Video, “The Boarding School – Las Cumbres” takes viewers into a disturbing universe filled with mysteries.

What is it about ?

In a boarding school lost in the heart of the mountains and completely isolated from the outside world, the boarders are teenagers considered rebellious and difficult. They follow a very strict discipline in order to prepare them to return to society. The surrounding forest is home to ancient legends, ancestral dangers that threaten students as they embark on adventures that are as thrilling as they are terrifying.

The Boarding School – Las Cumbres, a series created by Laura Belloso and Asier Andueza.

Available in full on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

Who is it with?

Composed mainly of actors still little known to the general public, the series is an opportunity to discover young Spanish talents to follow closely, such as Asia Ortega, Albert Salazar, Paula del Río, Gonzalo Diez, Claudia Riera, Daniel Arias and Carlos Alcaide. The six actors embody the main characters of the series. In the secondary roles, some will recognize Mina El Hammani (Nadia in Elite), Alberto Amarilla (Mar ardentro), Natalia Dicenta (Rifkin’s Festival), Blanca Martínez Suárez (The skin that inhabits), Joel Bosqued or Argentinian actor Lucas Velasco.

What is it worth?

In the 2000s, Spanish series for teenagers enjoyed considerable success in France, starting with Un, dos, tres and Physique ou Chimie. Others remain unpublished on the air and inherit a simple French adaptation. This is the case of The boarding school – or El Internado in the original version. Broadcast between 2007 and 2010 on the Antena 3 channel, the series is a hit in Spain. She has accumulated no less than 7 seasons and unveils future stars like Ana de Armas, the next Jame Bond Girl. In 2009, M6 produced a remake which was canceled after a single season. A decade has passed and a re-reading of The boarding school lands on Amazon Prime Video with new characters, a new storyline and a much darker universe.

Perched on a mountain range, the Las Cumbres boarding school – the main setting of the series – is an isolated and eerie place that, at first glance, looks more like a prison. “You are here because nobody wants you“, launches the principal of the school. The tone is set. The pupils, dressed in blue uniforms, are treated with cruelty and without any empathy, as in the worst reformatory. But a greater threat awaits them in outside, in the forest.When one of the boarders disappears during a runaway that goes wrong, a group of students decides to investigate and delve into the school’s macabre past.

The boarding school - las cumbres on prime video: what is this spanish horror series worth?

Amazon Prime Video

Carried by excellent young actors, The Boarding School – Las Cumbres succeeds, from its first moments, to capture the attention of the viewer thanks to a gloomy atmosphere conducive to mystery. The superb photograph, signed Miguel Roldán and Gorka Gómez Andreu, refers to excellent Spanish horror films, such as The Orphanage by JA Bayona. Horrific, the series is too. Without ever falling into excess, jumpscares and distressing sequences come to spice up the intrigue, enough to fill those which come to seek the thrill.

Composed of 8 episodes, the series takes its time and offers a slower pace compared to other productions of this genre. It is the writing of the characters, the atmosphere and the perfectly mastered suspense that keep us captivated. It is still too early to know if the success will be there for this version of 2021, but according to several Spanish sources, the Prime Studio platform is already working on a new season with the arrival of new students within the school. . In the meantime, the boarding school opens its doors.

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