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At the end of “The Big Bang Theory”, the character of Rajesh Koothrappali, played on screen by Kunal Nayyar, remains single. Bill Prady, the creator of the cult series, revealed the reason in 2019.

A beloved character by fans of The Big Bang Theory, Rajesh Koothrappali, played by Kunaal Nayyar, remains single after the twelve seasons of the cult series. In an interview with Glamor in 2019, Bill Prady explained why “Raj” was the only one of the troupe who did not end up as a couple.

“At the end of the series, seeing Raj continue to look for love was something more satisfying to me than watching him find love”first declares the American in remarks relayed by our colleagues from Télé Loisirs.

And Prady continues: “The decision to say, ‘I’m going to wait until I find the right person, and I believe the right person isn’t here yet’ is a really cool ending. I like the idea of ​​kind of leaving the characters where we we knew them.”

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“We just felt that at the end of the series, we didn’t have to leave everyone in a relationship”noted producer Steve Holland during the same interview. “It also felt like life was going to go on for these characters. It wasn’t an end for them.”

“There are still adventures to come for these characters, it’s just that we are not going to see these stories anymore”concludes Holland. “We didn’t need to tie all of these stories together and freeze these characters permanently.”

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