The Big Bang Theory: Jim Parsons almost never was Sheldon

The creator of the series “The Big Bang Theory” recounted Jim Parsons’ first audition for the role of Sheldon Cooper, and apparently the actor was not at all unanimous.

The big bang theory: jim parsons almost never was sheldon
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What if Sheldon had a whole different face? This is what could have happened if one of the creators of The Big Bang Theory had stayed with his first impression. Indeed, during his audition for the role of Sheldon Cooper, comedian Jim Parsons did not necessarily seduce everyone, as one of the co-creators of the series Bill Prady recalled at the microphone of the podcast At Home With The Creative Coalition :

“God, we had to see what … 100 people? And when Jim Parsons walked in (…) as soon as he auditioned, it was the Sheldon you saw on TV. He created this character at that hearing. He left the room and I turned to the others and said: ‘This is the good, this is the good, this is the good!’ And Chuck [Lorre, cocréateur de la série, NdlR] answered me: ‘No, he’s going to break your heart, he’ll never give you a performance like that again.’ “

Prady therefore had to insist that his colleague agree to see Parsons a second time, he continues:

I have to admit that in the time I’ve known Chuck he must have been wrong … only once, in my opinion. This is probably the only example where I was right. Jim Parsons came back the next day and did the same performance for us and he was Sheldon.

From this remarkable audition and initially contested, Jim Parsons finally shot 12 seasons of the show, the last of which (from season 8) brought him $ 1 million per episode, or $ 110 million in 5 years. He is now executive producer of Young Sheldon, a series about his character’s childhood, for which he also provides voice-over. This prequel series is still broadcast on CBS, and still unseen in France.

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