The Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Screen Protectors

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is an altogether different beast than most smartphones on the market today. The upgrade of last year’s model features a new film covering alongside an IPX8 water resistance rating, both smart additions that may propel the third-gen folding smartphone into a best seller.

Samsung further upgraded the cover screen, to debut its 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. For the cost of $1,800, you definitely want to make sure both displays are protected. We sorted through the best Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors available right now, based on features and manufacturer reputation for quality, to choose our initial favorites.

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Ferilinso for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Ferilinso designed for samsung galaxy z fold 3.

The Ferilinso protective screens — made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) — come in a two-pack that includes two front screen protectors and two inside screen protectors. The premium soft screen protector is coated with an oleophobic layer, and an anti-oil waterproof smooth surface to fit the phone’s curved edges and shield it from scratches, cracks, and dirt. The TPU material is flexible and features self-healing for small scratches, bubbles, and blemishes, which the company promises will disappear from the film within 24 hours. The screen protector is ultra thin for a clear HD view and a true touch, smooth feel. Fingerprint, touch, and all other sensors work as if no covering were present. The camera and screen protector are case-friendly for most phone cases. An installation video included with the product shows you exactly how to apply it for mistake-proof functionality.

Spigen GLAS.tR Full Cover

Spigen glas. Tr full cover for galaxy z fold 3.

Spigen, a name well known to mobile phone fans, has come out with the GLAS.tR Full Cover for the new folding phone. Its tempered glass features 9H hardness to handle common scratches, and features a design that’s made to work well and provide a perfect fit with all Spigen cases. Its oleophobic coating ensures the surface remains clear, fingerprint-free, and touch-responsive — like the phone’s original screen. The top cutout provides stronger adhesion and longer staying power. It also features easy, bubble-free installation and removal with no residue.

Feitenn for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Screen Protector

Feitenn samsung galaxy z fold 3.

No, it’s not glass. Rather, the Feitenn screen protector is an innovative liquid skin made from ESR premium soft TPU (flexible film), designed for curved phones to ensure edge-to-edge protection. The thin liquid skin film uses flexible and tough TPU that self-heals minor scratches, offering a highly responsive screen protector to guard against scratches, wear, and skin oils that can mar your screen. The package includes two TPU Film screen protectors, wet/dry wipe, dust removal stickers, and an installation guide.

Whitestone Dome for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Whitestone dome for samsung galaxy z fold 3.

The Whitestone flexible EPU screen protectors fit your screen perfectly from edge to edge, and are designed for maximum protection and optimal HD screen clarity for your phone’s screen. The company says that its EPU film is more fingerprint resistant than TPU, and in addition, the screens are chemically designed to resist nearly all abrasions. The self-healing tech makes dents and scratches disappear for a safe, clean screen. Both the camera protector and screen protector are easy to install and bubble-free for full coverage. You can also refer to the online installation video directly for instructions on how to install it properly.

Orzero Soft TPU Screen Protector

Orzero soft tpu screen protector for samsung galaxy z fold 3.

Orzero offers a two-pack soft front screen protector and a two-pack inside screen protector, all perfectly designed for the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The film is ultra-thin and HD clear at 0.15 mm, as well as hydrophobic and oleophobic to prevent lifting with any case. An innovative two-section design with four layers, ensures a simple, quick, bubble-free installation with the help of an instructional video.

Olixar Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Olixar screen protector for samsung galaxy z fold 3.

This Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protector has triple the strength of most competitors, says Olixar, providing reliable scratch, impact, shattering, and daily damage protection. The Olixar offers invisible protection to repel fingerprints and keep your device clean. Scan the QR code on the packaging for a full video guide to avoid frustrating installations and get the installation right the first time.

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