The best robot vacuum deals of August 2021

Are you still vacuuming your house with a manual vacuum cleaner? Why don’t you try saving some time and energy by giving a robot vacuum a try? After all, they don’t tire out, and many are smart enough to avoid common obstacles around your house. Our own C. Scott Brown named his robot vacuum as his favorite tech of 2020.

One of the biggest challenges is finding a model that fits your budget, but there are some great offers around right now. We’ve compiled our list of the best robot vacuum deals below. We’ve done our best to hit a variety of price points and plenty of different brands so you can pick the perfect fit.

Best robot vacuum deals of august 2021
Best robot vacuum deals of august 2021

Featured deals:

Get your first robovac for under $150The highest-end robot vacuum cleaners can cost north of $800, but you’re often paying the extra for brand recognition or a few added bells and whistles. If you just want a functional machine that lets you put your feet up, you can pick one up for as little as $97 right now thanks to some Walmart deals.

Shark is one of the bigger players in the robot vacuum space, but the Shark Ion is half price in the sale, giving you the chance to add it to your gadget collection for $149 ($150 off). The Tri-Brush System makes it adept on hard or soft surfaces, and the multiple sensors allow it to avoid walls or toppling down the stairs.

Hit the widgets below to check out the deals, or explore more offers from Roborock and other market leaders below. The best robot vacuum deals you missed out on the deal above, you could still save plenty of money on your robotic cleaning assistant.

Here are some of the best deals still available around the web:

  • Roborock S4 Max for $359.99 ($70 off)
  • Roborock S5 Max for $439.99 ($110 off)
  • Roborock S6 MaxV for $699.99 ($50 off)
  • Roborock S6 for $429.99 ($188 off)
  • Roborock S6 Pure for $459.99 ($140 off)
  • Roborock E4 for $209.99 ($90 off)
  • iRobot Roomba 960 for $379.99 ($120 off)
  • iRobot Roomba i6 Plus for $699.99 ($100 off)
  • iRobot Roomba i7 Plus for $649 ($150 off)
  • Bobsweep PetHair Vision for $279.88 ($620 off)
  • Shark IQ R100 for $265 ($129 off)
  • Shark Ion for $149 ($150 off)
  • Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C for $179.99 ($120 off)
  • Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C Max for $175.99 ($104 off)
  • Ionvac Smartclean 2000 Robovac for $97 ($82 off)
  • Ecovacs Deebot 711 for $129 ($421 off)

That does it for our list of the best robot vacuum deals. We have plenty more recommendations to help you get through working from home and more:

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