The Best Nintendo Switch Games for Adults

At first glance, the Nintendo Switch seems like a kids system. The platform has, historically, been considered for children. However, as Nintendo has grown, so has its fan base. The company has worked to change this perspective and try to garner adult viewership. They’ve primarily done this by focusing on creating games and bringing in ports that focus on adult audiences.

Although the system may not have all the capabilities of the PlayStation or Xbox, the Nintendo Switch can still bring any adult joy. Adults can, and should, pick up the switch, not just for its portability but also for the awesome games you can play. If you’re looking for a more grown up-centered game for your Nintendo Switch, you’ve come to the right place!

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The best nintendo switch games for adults

Ready for a good hack and slash? Bayonetta is the perfect game to get your hands into the meat of what the Switch can offer. Picking up the game, you know that it’s not for kids. Bayonetta is a hell-bringing witch who will shoot, whip, slice, and burn any angel that stands in the way of her uncovering her past. The game can come off as campy because her weapons, style, and movements can be a bit over the top, but it’s a fun game that’s sure to bring you hours of entertainment. Bayonetta can slow down time to stop attacks and inflict Torture Attacks on her enemies to get more bang for her buck. It’s no wonder it’s not a children’s game. The Switch offers both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, and it doesn’t really matter where you start.

This game is definitely for a more mature audience. Bayonetta’s clothes are made up of hair, and some of her heavy-hitting attacks can leave her, uh, exposed, to say the least. But who wouldn’t want to be a foxy, badass witch who can destroy her enemies by summoning Infernal Demons?

No More Heroes

No more heroes

Don’t you hate when you’re not at the top of your field? So does No More Heroes protagonist Travis Touchdown. He hates that he’s the #11 assassin in the United Assassins Association’s list. So, there’s only one way to be number one: Take out everyone above you. And you don’t have to use your awesome, lightsaber-esque katana. You’ll have a chance to learn some of the coolest wrestling moves, from Power Bombs to Brain Busters. With so many ways to kill people, there’s no way you can’t win, right?

No More Heroes provides us with a main character who loves technology but is a little socially awkward. This action game is sure to give you the R-rated fun you’re looking for.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the wild tarry town

The Legend of Zelda is a game a lot of players grew up with. Solving puzzles, smashing pots, and exploring Hyrule are definitely staples of this series. However, the latest installment of the series, Breath of the Wild, takes the game one step further. Aside from the normal exploration, players are brought into Hyrule as an open world. Don’t feel like doing the first part of the game? Good news, you can wander away and do whatever else you want. Sometimes the freedom can be too much and you’ll find yourself doing god knows what.

The game makes this list because of the puzzles. Although a lot of the Legend of Zelda games seem easy, Breath of the Wild is fundamentally more difficult. The puzzles are more scattered, forcing players to search more than they previously have.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal crossing new horizons

Okay, so maybe this entry isn’t convincing, but hear us out. Imagine you live in a world where it’s possible to pay your bills, hang out with friends, garden, and enjoy life without stressing? That’s honestly an adult’s dream. The game will provide players with a cathartic experience of accomplishing chores and outside work while still having friends and enjoying your time. Although Animal Crossing: New Horizons may not seem like an adult game, players can quickly turn it into an adult game because it’s so malleable. Essentially, you’re in charge of a desert island. You can morph and form the island into anything you want. This has given players so many liberties in what they can do.

In fact, it’s actually become an issue in some respects. Players are able to share their island with anyone who wants to play via Island Dream Codes. This lets players either visit a particular island or visit a random island that the game deems would be fun to visit. Problem is, some children are finding their way into islands that they probably shouldn’t be visiting. Parents have been reporting these islands, and Nintendo is suspending Dream accounts and removing islands from dreams because of it.

That being said, what do you think of the spot on our island that’s definitely not a murder corner?

Mario Kart 8

Mario kart 8

Okay, so Mario Kart 8 is an all-ages game. It’s particularly great for watching little kids get extremely mad. Mario Kart is the perfect game for when friends come over and you want to show them the what-for. However, this Mario Kart game feels different. In previous renditions of the game, players were able to sort of predict who would be first, second, etc. based on how the race was going. Mario Kart 8, however, doesn’t do that. You could find yourself in 12th place throughout two and a half laps, then get a sudden stroke of luck in the final second that puts you at first.

Although this mechanic makes the game extremely fun, it’s also extremely frustrating. Nothing will get you cussed out faster than having your friend go from first to eighth place because of one red shell you threw. But playing with friends can make for an amazing time.


The best nintendo switch games for adults

Need to shoot something? Good news, the Nintendo Switch has plenty of shooters for you to try out! One of the best shooters is Bioshock: The Collection. This game has all three of the Bioshock games, letting you continue through its crazy narrative without stopping. You’ll encounter deranged people, Big Brothers that can beat your ass, and little sisters who you hope aren’t truly related to you. The game has a lot of interesting background as well. Although you may encounter some things that seem nice, it’s usually masking some horrible joke at your expense.

Also, the story itself has a lot of twists and turns. The game will lead you into believing that one idea is pushing your main character, only to suddenly shift and change the story’s direction. It can leave you feeling unsettled, but in a good way!

Resident Evil

The best nintendo switch games for adults

Finally, Resident Evil has found its way to the Nintendo Switch. The Switch now offers Resident Evil the original all the way up to Resident Evil 6. You can face off with the Umbrella Corp. to show that saving the world from the infected is more important than letting it lay to waste.

This game is definitely for adults only. The game features horrific zombies, jump scares, and just plain old horribleness around every corner. There’s also gratuitous violence, which can be both a delight and cathartic. Especially after a long, frustrating day at work.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

South park fractured but whole

Maybe you want something a little more mindless. South Park: The Fractured But Whole is a constant stream of adult jokes for adult audiences. This outrageously offensive superhero game will keep you coming back for more. You’re able to customize your avatar and join the superhero team of Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman in the town of South Park. You’ll face off against the darkness that has found itself in South Park and stop it before it’s too late.

Those familiar with South Park will understand why this game is here. It’s a funny, quirky fighting game that has complex fighting mechanisms. However, some of the jokes can leave some uncomfortable. Although this game may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s definitely a fun adult-centered game for the Nintendo Switch.

L.A. Noire

The best nintendo switch games for adults

Need a dark and violent crime thriller? L.A. Noire is the game for you. Set in the 1940s, the game follows officer Cole Phelps as he searches for the truth in a city where everyone has something they want to hide. You’ll have a chance to follow Cole as he works for Traffic, Homicide, Vice, and Arson. Each new department will give Phelps a new partner to help navigate you through the cases. You’ll also get flashbacks of Phelps’s war memories.

This game will require more patience and problem-solving than most kids have. You’ll have to carefully examine the scene to unravel what happened at each crime scene. Also, you’ll definitely see a few dead bodies and women of the evening.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection

The best nintendo switch games for adults
Diablo III

If you’re looking for the right first-person horror shoot-fest, Doom III is just the ticket. Set on Mars in the year 2145, you’ll find that a gateway to Hell has been opened. A military-industrial conglomerate set up a scientific research lab to search teleportation, biological research, and advanced weapon designs. What could go wrong? You know, aside from a catastrophic invasion of Mars by demons.

The game is perfect for any horror buff. The creatures are grotesque and unrelenting, giving you plenty to work towards. You could also team up with some friends to face off in a death match like no other. Are you ready to face hellbeasts?

Dark Souls: Remastered

The best nintendo switch games for adults

If horror and gore aren’t your thing, why not an action role-playing game that can make you cry? Although it’s arguably one of the best games of all time, the Dark Souls series is notoriously difficult. If you tried Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and found that game too difficult, you probably should pass up Dark Souls. The game centers on a time called the Age of Fire. Humans have started to rise in power, but are stopped by an undead curse. This curse will perpetually resurrect humans after death which eventually leads them to lose their minds, which is called the “hollowing.” The bad news is, you’re cursed with the hollowing. To make matters worse, you start by being locked in an asylum. You’ll need to escape to start the story.

Dark Souls is a hardcore fantasy role-playing game that will entice and entrance you. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart or the young of age. Be ready to square off with difficult enemies and extremely tough bosses.


The best nintendo switch games for adults

There are so many reasons to love Cuphead. The art style takes directly from Disney and Warner Brother’s early 20’s art style. The jazz music flickers and bounces as you face off against seemingly ordinary objects and people. However, the premise of the game is that Cuphead is helping the devil reap the souls that he’s owed in order to escape a terrible fate. The story, although minor in the game, is definitely not something children should know too much about.

Additionally, each battle in the game feels like a boss fight. There isn’t one part of this game that should be considered easy. Each fight forces you to take a new approach and, often, it will feel like you’re just doing a little bit better each time. Because of this and the game’s story, it’s definitely not a game we’d recommend for kids.

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