The best Nintendo Switch deals of August 2021

Nintendo Switch deals of August 2021: While Switch consoles are mostly full price at the moment, there are some big discounts on top games and accessories available across the web.

Nintendo Switch deals of August 2021
Nintendo Switch deals of August 2021

Featured deal: Get 29% off on a Nintendo Switch Bundle

Nintendo Switch Accessories Bundle Deal

Many Switch users will attest that the accessories make up half of the Nintendo gaming experience. But with accessories ranging from carrying cases all the way to racing wheels, it can be hard to choose which ones you should pick up. That’s why Orzly is offering a Nintendo Switch accessories bundle that has every accessory you’ll need for just $49.99 ($20 off).

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If you’re a new Nintendo Switch owner, having this accessory bundle is sure to level up your gaming. It nails the basics by providing a carrying case, charging station, screen protectors and also adds in some unique accessories as well like racing wheels, play stands, a stylus, and more. Even if you’ve had a Switch for a while, adding these accessories to your setup is a massive power-up. With over 13,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating, you can be assured that you’re getting another dimension to your Switch sessions.

Amazon deals end without warning, so check it out while you can via the widget below. If you’re in the market for games and other Switch products, keep scrolling for more deals.

Nintendo Switch deals

Editors note: All deals were live at the time of writing, but the marketplace for Switch consoles and games is changing quickly. We’ll periodically update the page as deals end and pop up.

Nintendo Switch game deals

Mariokart 8 Deluxe

If you’re lucky enough to already own a Switch or Switch Lite, there are some sweet deals on games right now. You can check out the full range of dozens of Amazon and Walmart Switch game deals. We’ve picked out the best ones below, starting with the Mario-verse:

If you’re not a Mario fan then you might have the wrong console. Thankfully, the deals extend to more top titles including the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Borderlands Legendary Collection, and more.

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Nintendo Switch accessory deals

SanDisk microSDXC Memory Cards

Since the Nintendo Switch is almost 4 years old at this point, there is a thriving ecosystem of accessories for it. Controllers, cases, connectivity dongles, and even customization tools are all available for the Switch.

Switch in hand

There’s a reason that the Nintendo Switch was in short supply for much of the pandemic. Nintendo really nailed it with this hybrid console, with sales being consistently high since its launch back in 2017. Unlike the PS5 and Xbox X, it can be used as a wireless handheld device — not unlike the Nintendo 3DS, another insanely popular Nintendo product — or it can be docked and connected to a TV to be played in the normal home console style.

You won’t find big discounts on Nintendo Switch consoles, but there are some savings to be made, especially when you buy bundles. Here are some of the best options:

Switch Lite consoles

Nintendo Switch Lite on a sofa

More than two years after the launch of the original Nintendo Switch, the company announced a new variant of the console: the Nintendo Switch Lite. As the name suggests, this console is a watered-down version of the original. This means you get fewer features but also a lower price.

The Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t skimp out on the game library. Almost every game the original Switch supports the Switch Lite also supports (with the exception of games that require Joy-Con usage, such as 1-2-Switch). If you buy a physical game for your main Switch, that cartridge will also work in your Switch Lite. Additionally, if you use the same Nintendo account on both systems, you’ll have access to the digital games you’ve paid for through the Nintendo eShop.

The Switch Lite isn’t quite as scarce as the Switch, but you’re still hard-pressed to find big bargains for now. Here are some of the best prices we could find:

That’s it for our Nintendo Switch deals list, but it’s not the only console in town. If you’re curious about what other offers are out there, check out our Xbox deals or PS4 deals hubs.