The best moments of San Diego Comic-Con 2022

San Diego Comic-Con is officially over, but its mark is firmly on the pop culture landscape. After a two-year absence, the famous convention has returned better than ever. Fans released their best and most imaginative cosplays, and every major studio came to play, from Paramount to Disney. Comic-Con 2022 delivered a slew of breaking announcements, teases, and first looks, blasting social media with anticipation.

DC, Netflix, and even Amazon have released their hottest new projects. Marvel was king of the convention, showcasing its entire slate of films for Phase 5 and teasing the next two entries in the avengers series. And while Disney recorded many of its most exciting announcements for September’s D23, Marvel Studios delivered enough surprises to prove once again that it’s the undeniable champion of Hall H. In short, San Diego Comic -Con 2022 was a smash hit, creating buzz for every project it featured and reminding everyone why it’s still the pinnacle of pop culture.

Wait, does that sound good?

When Paramount announced a Dungeons & Dragons movie, the Internet groaned and raised a skeptical eyebrow. The project looked like a shameless cash grab at best and an impending sinking at worst. After all, the first attempt to turn this beloved franchise into a feature film resulted in a truly horrific box office flop that bore little resemblance to the role-playing game millions of fans know and love. However, the cast reunited on the opening day of SDCC 2022 and released the film’s first trailer. And what do you know? It looks quite promising.

Headlining the always charming Chris Pine, with Michelle Rodriguez, BridgetonFeaturing Regency resident Regé-Jean Page and set-chewer Hugh Grant, the film looks like the perfect blend of action, adventure, and comedy. The visual effects seem solid, and while the premise is as cliched as it comes, the cast seems to be in on the joke and doing their best for our entertainment. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves is exactly the type of project that shines at Comic-Con, and everyone on the panel sold the hell out of it.

Surprisingly, the film’s best moments happened outside of the Con, thanks to its unique activation, arguably the best in the convention. An old-fashioned tavern featuring videos of the cast, unique drinks, and dragon animation with smoke effects greeted fans outside the convention center. Visitors described the experience as fascinating and fun, earning the upcoming project considerable goodwill. Paramount is on a roll and has clear faith in Dungeons & Dragons become its next big franchise. Could he succeed? The film will be released on March 3, 2023.

Return to Middle-earth

from Amazon The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is the streamer’s brazen attempt to secure its own game of thrones. The show has had a rather lukewarm reception so far, but Comic-Con has helped it build massive hype with a stunning new trailer featuring nearly every major cast member and an in-depth look at the build. of the entertainment world and the required production values. power rings will premiere in a world considerably different from the one in which Peter Jackson began his now iconic trilogy; can lightning strike twice for this masterpiece of literary fantasy?

The trailer received a positive reception from Con attendees, who celebrated Tolkien’s return to Middle-earth. It’s also doing quite well on YouTube, although many fans still seem skeptical about the show and what to think about it – a quick glance at the comments section will make that clear. power rings benefited from a lack of competition at the Con – only Dragon House stood in his way. Still, the show had a strong presence at Comic-Con, generating enough buzz to cement itself as a bona fide player in the streaming wars and a worthy contender for the crown that game of thrones left behind, which shows like the witcher and The wheel of time could not claim.

fire and blood

Dragon House is HBO’s most promising new show. Develop George RR Martin’s A song of ice and fire, the show will focus on the Targaryen dynasty, specifically the event that led to their decline and eventual exile from Westeros: the Dance of the Dragons. Comic-Con 2022 saw the release of a new trailer with even more story, more houses, and more of the series’ undeniable stars: dragons! Fan favorite Matt Smith was in attendance and he does not appreciate your Morbius jokes.

Following the disappointing ending of game of thrones and the bittersweet she left for fans of the show, Dragon House has a considerable battle ahead of him. Can he restore the public’s destiny to Westeros, or has he OBTAINED ruined any chance of reconciliation? The show promises to have everything that made thrones famous – violence, political intrigue, stunning production designs, incest. Dragoons.

Yes, the wigs are highly questionable, but the trailer that debuted at Comic-Con knocked the house down. Fans still love Westeros and what it stands for, and it shows. The series received a warm reception at the convention, arguably outselling its main competitor, Amazon’s power rings.

Dragon House also contested Dungeons & Dragons for the Best Activation Crown by providing an experience where fans could participate in a dragon hatching ceremony. Seeing firsthand what it means to be a true Mother of Dragons, visitors to the activation hatched a dragon egg and even got to pose and take photos with a life-size replica of the Iron Throne. Cared for! Only time will tell, but the Targaryens seem poised to conquer television once again.

Dwayne “Born Showman” Johnson

Let’s put that aside: DC had a lackluster panel. With the scandal surrounding the actors of the flash and Aquaman films, DC has chosen to focus on its two upcoming projects, black adam and Shazam! Fury of the gods. However, no project is particularly hot, at least not out of the gate. Alas, it’s never wise to bet against Dwayne Johnson, a showman at heart who knows how to sell his movies.

The former wrestler brought down the house by storming into Hall H disguised as Black Adam. Like many others memorable moments at Comic-Con, Johnson took full advantage of the setting and the audience, fueling their fantasies with an elaborate light show that did a tremendous job of selling the image before a trailer was shown for attendees. . The trailers were fine, but Johnson’s showmanship was the real magic that won over DC fans.

Still, the real talk was Henry Cavill’s absence from La Con. Deadline hinted that the actor would make a surprise appearance at the DC panel to discuss Superman’s future in the DCEU, and fans went wild with the theories. Could it be a cameo in black adam leading to a total confrontation in an upcoming project? Or, dare they dream, a sequel to 2013 Steel man? The possibilities seemed endless. Alas, Cavill didn’t appear, leaving fans disappointed, angry and perhaps a little broken. What happened to the man of tomorrow?

marvel is king

To no one’s surprise, Marvel Studios led Comic-Con 2022. Acting as the piece de resistance, the juggernaut studio pulled out the big guns for its presentation on Saturday. Kevin Feige presented the full roster for Phase 5, which will begin with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniawhich is scheduled to premiere on February 17, 2023, and ends with the release of Love at first sightscheduled for July 2022, 2024.

If that wasn’t enough, Feige also revealed three Phase 6 projects! Kicking off the phase will be “Marvel’s First Family,” the Fantastic Four, whose long-awaited MCU movie (let’s just forget about those awful Fox versions starring Jessica Alba and Miles Teller) will be released on November 8, 2024.

The Avengers will then reunite for two new adventures; in a strange turn of events, the series will pull a The Matrix Reloaded/The matrix revolutions and first Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars in May and November 2025, respectively. Feige also announced a new series for the Man Without Fear, titled Daredevil: born again, and included teases for other Disney+ projects, including Secret Invasion.

The title logo for Avengers: Secret Wars.

Still, the highlight of the panel was to be the first trailer for the highly anticipated Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Featuring an ensemble presumably led by Letitia Wright and including Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Martin Freeman and Angela Bassett, wakanda forever will deal with the aftermath of T’Challa’s death. The film has been surrounded by intense speculation and fan interest following the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman, but the trailer promises one of the best films in Marvel history and the culmination of an uneven Phase 4. .

The trailer also featured the first look at Tenoch Huerta’s villainous Namor, the Sub – a character who will be a milestone in Latino representation – and Michaela Coel’s Aneka. Accompanied by a remix of the cover of Tems by Bob Marley No woman No Cry and that of Kendrick Lamar Very well, the trailer is moving, epic and promising; in short, that’s all we expect from a talent like Ryan Coogler. Even though the competition was tough, the first look at Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was impossible to resist and the best and most meaningful part of San Diego Comic-Con 2022.

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