The Best MacBook Cases and Covers

Purchasing a MacBook can take a chunk out of your wallet, but it’s more than a purchase, it’s an investment — and protection is essential. How would you feel if your MacBook bit the dust because you didn’t purchase the protection?

To help you in this endeavor, we have done the research, compiled a list, and are delivering our list of the best MacBook cases and covers to you. It’s time to protect your MacBook in style.

Thule Gauntlet Sleeve

The best macbook cases and covers

If you’re looking for something rugged to protect your MacBook Pro 16”, then the Gauntlet sleeve from Thule is the way to go. The hard exterior is made from polyurethane for shock resistance, and the padded interior protects the MacBook from scratches and dents. The computer can also be used right out of the box thanks to its pop-up design. It’s a great case for anyone working on construction sites or who just wants extra hard protection for their MacBook.

ProCase MacBook Pro 13 Case

The best macbook cases and covers

For a hardshell case that doesn’t add a lot of thickness to your MacBook, look no further than the ProCase. This hardshell is thin and comes in a variety of colors, which gives your computer protection and adds a pop of personality. It also comes with a keyboard cover, which is great for keeping the keys clean and free of debris. The case is easy to install too. Just simply snap it in place and your MacBook is secure and ready to go anywhere.

Twelve South BookBook 2

The best macbook cases and covers

This beautiful book-based case can also double as a sleeve, depending on how you want to use it — and it even has a secret protective clip to hide away documents and folders. The thick, page-like structure will add some extra room to your MacBook, but it will also offer well-padded protection on every side, while still making room for important connections like USB-C ports. Don’t worry, you can also fully zip the case closed when necessary.

Runetz Neoprene Sleeve

Bag 72

Here’s a basic neoprene sleeve that won’t break the bank and fits a variety of MacBook sizes, including the latest models. It has two zippers and can be opened and laid flat. There’s also a front pocket with a separate zipper that’s handy for accessories. It’s soft inside and has padded bumps to cushion your laptop from blows.

You can pick this one up in a variety of different plain color combinations, or opt for the chevron pattern pictured above. The fit is nice and snug.

TomToc 360 Sleeve

Tomtoc 360 protective sleeve

This 360-degree sleeve includes armor-like padding at the corners to protect the laptop from everyday bumps and shocks. There’s also fluffy padding around the interior, particularly the zipper, to help avoid any chance of scratches. There aren’t a lot of extra features on this case, but it does include a pocket your notepad or iPad. The case is available in a variety of colors and patterns, so some customization for your style is possible. Overall, it’s a highly affordable, reliable design that offers some real protection.

Note: TomToc has a lot of great cases for Macs with a variety of different protective elements. Even if this case isn’t exactly what you want, it’s worthwhile to peruse some of TomToc’s other offerings to see if any match up with your needs.

Valkit Sleeve

Valkit sleeve

This Valkit sleeve is stylish and affordable, with PU leather outside and a soft felt interior. The top of the sleeve is connected via a simple magnetic attachment. Open it up and there’s a handy pocket on the inside for cards, and a gap that’s just right for charging most Mac models without needing to take it out first.

However, this sleeve doesn’t offer a lot of protection and is largely designed to be used along with a backpack, briefcase, or another bag instead of purely on its own.

Inateck Case

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There’s more to this innovative flannel-and-felt case than first meets the eye. In addition to housing your Mac, it includes well-concealed pockets that can fit iPads, magazines, or folders. Two back pockets, meanwhile, are also felt-lined and can house phones, earbuds, wallets, cards, and more. The additional felt bag that comes with the laptop case can also hold phones, larger cables, small external hard drives, extra external batteries, and other accessories. It’s a friendly case for traveling or moving around throughout the day, and it’s also highly affordable.

Voova Sleeve Case

Voova sleeve case

If you’re searching for a lightweight case that’s easier to transport, this Voova model may be the solution for you. This design offers polyester foam padding protection and nylon fabric lining to prevent damage from drops, jostles, spills, and other common, everyday occurrences. You’ll also enjoy the handle for improved portability and comfort. The case has two zipper-protected pockets on the front for easy access to your accessories. The zippers are reinforced with stress point stitching for enhanced durability. You’ll also love the water-resistant exterior fabric, which not only prevents water damage but also averts stains.

Mosiso Sleeve

Mosiso sleeve

This protective polyester Mosiso case provides a fleece fabric lining, making it bump and scratch-resistant. Even with the thick lining, the case is still thin enough to slide into almost any briefcase, as long as there’s a little bit of wiggle room. The case also features an additional front pocket, but otherwise, this design is very minimal. If you’re looking for a versatile case with various color options to mix and match, the Mosiso sleeve could be the right case for you.

Supcase Rubberized Bumper Cover “Unicorn Beetle”

Supcase rubberized bumper cover

This case utilizes wraparound rubber bumpers to safeguard your computer. It might not prevent all types of damage, but it’s perfect for protecting your Mac from minor drops. The case is thin, featuring a minimal polycarbonate surface. The vented bottom gives you access to the fans while also helping to cool your computer. We suggest considering this case if you’re searching for no-joke, always-there security.

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