The best Mac webcams in 2022

When looking for a new webcam for a Mac computer in 2022 or a better webcam than the one Apple includes in a MacBook or iMac, there are several options available. One of the leading names in webcams is Logitech, with two products making it into the list of best Mac webcams. Another top pick is Obsbot, with advanced AI face tracking built right into the hardware.

No matter what kind of camera you’re looking for, here are the best Mac webcams you can buy in 2022.

Obsbot tiny on macbook pro

Tiny Obsbot 4K

On-device motorized face tracking


  • Subject tracking works well

  • AI-driven pan, tilt and zoom

  • Noise canceling microphones

  • Innovative gimbal design

The inconvenients

  • More expensive than most

  • Few programs captured in 4K

The Obsbot Tiny 4K is quite an interesting alternative to the popular Logitech Brio. Matching the leading brand’s 4K resolution and offering AI-guided motors that can pan and tilt the camera to frame your face, it still uses the full quality of the camera’s sensor. The range of motion is unmatched, with a horizontal range of up to 160 degrees and a vertical angle adjustment of 90 degrees.

The face tracking feature is built into the hardware and works with gesture controls right out of the box, with no need to install software first. There’s a Tinycam app for fine-tuning, and it works with MacOS, offering various options and manual image quality control.

Although a slightly more expensive option than some 4K webcams, its unique physical tracking capability is worth the extra expense for long meetings and video presentations where movement is unavoidable. Obsbot Tiny 4K can zoom up to four times to get a tighter shot, and that’s where the 4K resolution really helps so that the video stream doesn’t get pixelated and blurry.

The Obsbot Tiny 4K is the best Mac webcam for high-quality recording, and like any 4K webcam, it can also handle streaming.

Tiny obsbot 4k

Tiny Obsbot 4K

On-device motorized face tracking

Logitech brio 4k webcam review

Brad Bourque/Digital Trends

Logitech Brio 4K Pro

The best of Logitech is crisp and clear


  • Sharp images

  • Infrared depth sensing

  • Background replacement

  • Plug and play support

The inconvenients

  • Barebones internal software

  • Tiny mic

  • Few programs captured in 4K

Logitech’s Brio 4K costs significantly more than a 1080p webcam, but its ability to record crisp, high-resolution video as well as serve as a standard webcam earns it top marks. It comes with software compatible with a Mac computer, however, the facial recognition feature requires Windows Hello software and is not compatible with macOS.

The Logitech Brio is easy to attach to any monitor with a built-in clip, and there’s also a standard tripod mount, which is nice for laptops. Logitech also includes a privacy shield to ensure that video cannot be seen if the webcam is inadvertently activated.

Naturally, a 4K webcam will cost more than a 720p or 1080p model, but has the ability to deliver much better results, especially when used for video recording. It’s one of the best webcams on the market, second only to lesser-known brand Obsbot with its new 4K webcam.

Logitech brio 4k pro

Logitech Brio 4K Pro

The best of Logitech is crisp and clear

The best mac webcams in 2022

Logitech C920 HD Pro

That works


  • 1080p resolution is better than built-in 720p resolution

  • Solid performance

  • Works with everything

  • Affordable

The inconvenients

  • The microphone is a bit mute and tinny

  • Limited to 720p for 60 fps

Logitech’s C920 regularly appears among the top choices for webcams because it’s a very solid and inexpensive option. This is a 1080p webcam that lacks the advanced features of the first two picks, but has a robust feature set and a quality image.

For owners of 2021 or 2022 MacBook laptops or 2021 iMacs, the 1080p camera built into those laptops will deliver better quality, so don’t bother getting the Logitech C920. For any other Mac, this is an attractive option. It’s better than the 720p cameras of older models and a good solution for Mac desktop computers that don’t include a webcam.

Logitech hd pro c920 webcam, widescreen video calling and recording, 1080p camera, desktop or laptop webcam

Logitech C920 HD Pro

That works

Razer kiyo webcam

Razer Kiyo

Includes its own ring light


  • Built-in ring light helps eliminate facial shadows

  • 1080p resolution is better than built-in 720p resolution

  • Excellent image quality

  • Works well in dark environments by itself

The inconvenients

  • Color balance is a little poor

  • Not the best for video recording

Razer’s Kiyo webcam is another 1080p option that offers a built-in ring light. This might be a good option when traveling with a MacBook as there might not be an option to control the angle of the lighting. The light also allows a webcam to be used without any other lights on. This means it can be taken while camping or even while ghost hunting while providing the option of using the webcam.

Turning the ring adjusts the brightness of the light, giving you intuitive and convenient controls. It’s a decent overall webcam, but it won’t stand up to comparison with Apple’s 1080p FaceTime camera.

Razer kiyo

Razer Kiyo

Includes its own ring light



  • Cheap

  • Accurate color even in low light

  • 4K resolution sensor

The inconvenients

  • No face-tracking or zoom software

In a bit of a surprise, the cheapest webcam on this list is actually 4K resolution. Chosen as one of the best webcams in our roundup of five popular webcams on Amazon, this sleeper beat out four other webcams under $70 with its color accuracy and sharpness.

Since no software is required for Mac compatibility, it’s a great choice for Mac desktops that lack a webcam or even MacBook models that use a 720p webcam. It would be unfair to compare the GoHZQ W8A to much more expensive webcams, but at the low end it punches above its weight.

Gohzq w8a

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose a Mac Webcam

When choosing a webcam for a Mac, the most expensive model isn’t always the best. Everyone wants nice, crisp video, but quality is often limited by software rather than hardware, as streaming video calls are compressed to work over low-bandwidth internet connections and to allow multiple streams at a time. time.

Will the webcam be used for video recording or for conference calls and live streaming? If video recording is the primary use, it might be worth paying a little more and getting a higher quality webcam. For streaming and video calling, many 1080p webcams can perform just as well as models with 4K resolution.

What is the best webcam for Mac?

If you’re using a MacBook or iMac, there’s already a built-in webcam, and some of Apple’s latest models have 1080p resolution FaceTime cameras that include Center Stage software to zoom in and track your face as you move. While this is a nice feature, the quality suffers compared to the higher resolution 4K webcams available from Obsbot and Logitech. When you’re looking for the best quality with advanced face tracking, it might be a good idea to use one of these top-notch third-party 4K webcams.

Do MacBooks have good webcams?

MacBook webcams are generally good enough for basic video calls, but most models can’t compete with the sharpness of third-party 1080p webcams. Even the latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro M2 released in 2022 have outdated 720p webcams.

The 2021 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are exceptions. Both feature a 1080p ultrawide webcam that uses Center Stage to enable digital face tracking with automatic panning and zooming. Digital zoom reduces video quality, which means 4K webcams with face tracking will beat the 1080p webcam in the 2021 MacBook Pro.

Do all webcams work on Mac?

Although not all webcams will work with a Mac, most newer models will, and every webcam mentioned above is compatible with a Mac. MacOS now supports USB webcams without the need for a manufacturer driver. This could mean that some special features will only work if the manufacturer specifically mentions that it is compatible with a Mac. In some cases, an adapter may be needed to allow a USB-A cable to plug into a USB-C port.

Is the iMac’s webcam good?

Apple’s latest iMac includes Center Stage, which uses artificial intelligence to detect faces. This allows macOS to zoom and pan automatically, following a person as they move through the ultra-wide camera view. While it’s nice to have a little more freedom in a video call, there’s a tradeoff in quality.

This feature can be disabled, resulting in a nice 1080p webcam. Similar AI-enhanced features are included in many 4K webcams, and the extra resolution maintains quality better than when you try this trick with the built-in iMac webcam.

Older iMacs come with 720p webcams, which tend to have good colors but look muted compared to inexpensive third-party 1080p webcams.

Many Mac owners also own an iPhone, which can be used as a premium webcam when paired with a third-party app such as Camouflage application, which is free and offers more options at a lower cost. Apple “Sherlocked” this developer by creating a similar feature in iOS 16 and MacOS Ventura, which will be released in the fall of 2022. For casual use, this might be a good choice and somewhat eliminates the need for a third-party product.

A dedicated webcam, however, offers a faster option as webcams are easy to clip on and can even be left attached to a monitor or tripod. All of the 4K webcams mentioned above will provide a noticeable upgrade from the webcam built into a MacBook, iMac, or even the new Studio Display, which still only has a 1080p webcam.

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