“The best James Bond since Casino Royale”, “the most moving 007 film”: the …

The first reviews of “Die Can Wait”, the 25th episode of the 007 franchise and Daniel Craig’s final appearance in the Secret Agent’s tuxedo, are available. #SpoilerMustWait

His name was Craig, Daniel Craig. The actor returns his 007 tuxedo with Mourir Can Wait, whose world premiere and press screenings were held this Tuesday, September 28 in the evening across the world. Expected on October 6 on French screens, has this fifth and last James Bond / Daniel Craig mission convinced the press? Here are the first reviews, guaranteed to be spoiler-free. #SpoilerMustWait

IndieWire – David Ehrlich

“Daniel Craig says goodbye to Bond with the most touching 007 movie of all time.”

Variety – Owen Gleiberman

“Daniel Craig’s Leap gets the release it deserves in the franchise’s best film since Casino Royale. (…) Director Cary Joji Fukunaga injects all the elements of a 007 fortune-telling, including that twist, into it. of ineffable soul. “

TimeOut – Phil de Semlyen

Daniel Craig bowed out as 007 with a feast of emotion and spectacle – and clearly the best Bond film since Casino Royale. (…) Craig’s latest appearance is successful. #CraigNotBond seems to belong to him. to the distant past, in every sense of the word. “

The Guardian – Peter Bradshaw

“Ian Fleming’s highly anticipated 25th super-spy adventure is a weird, meta epic with some daring surprises up its sleeve. (…) Bond’s world might have taken something from the Marvel and DC universes, with their own sense of cartoonish grandeur and mystery. “

BBC – Nicholas Barber

“Dying Can Wait does exactly what it was meant to do, which is to end the Craig era with tremendous ambition and poise. Beyond that, he manages to take something from everyone else. Bond films and mixing them all together. “

The Parisian – Renaud Baronian

So what is this long-awaited film worth? He left us with an impression divided between pleasure and disappointment. (…) Dn this Bond with two very distinct parts, each one will be able to choose his camp, the first showing a classic 007 agent, the second making us discover it in a new, almost tender light – which will certainly make the purists of the first hour scream. “

Total Film – Matt Maytum

“Craig is getting exactly what he needs, with a performance that provides a fitting end to his tenure, securing him a place atop the best Bonds.”

Empire – John Nugent

“The director finds and points to the vulnerability of this invulnerable hero. (…) Raise a martini – it was worth the wait.”

The Hollywood Reporter – David Rooney

“He might not rank up there with Skyfall, but it’s a touching farewell to the actor who has arguably left the most indelible mark on the character since Connery.”

Le Point – Philippe Guedj

“After the mediocre 007 Specter, the ultimate mission of the legendary agent in the guise of Daniel Craig corrects the shot a little, but still misses its target.”

ScreenRant – Mae Abdulbaki

As Craig’s swan song, Die Can Wait is all one can ask for a finale, shutting down all open storylines from previous films and paying homage to those who made an impact on Bond’s life by along the way. (…) A love letter to Craig’s iteration of 007 “.

Large Screen – Geoffrey Crété

“For the first time in its history, James Bond confronts his own reality, his own myth. And the saga finally dares something. (…) This final bouquet sweeps away everything like a wave, with an explosion that crushes the defects of the movie.”

Die can wait: 100% glamorous photos from the world premiere in London

"the best james bond since casino royale", "the most moving 007 film": the...

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Die can wait: 100% glamorous photos from the world premiere in London

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