The Best iPhone Docks for 2021

Instead of tossing your phone down on the table every night, you can cradle it with a little more care in a dock. Docks can let you view the screen hands-free — perfect for when you’re reading a recipe off Pinterest in the kitchen or following that new YouTube knitting tutorial that’s a little more advanced. With the release of the new iPhone 12 Pro, you might be considering investing in a stand. Here are some great options at every price point. Some even have built-in charging for maximum convenience, keeping your nightstand, desk, or counter organized.

Elevation Dock 4

The best iphone docks for 2021

We love Elevation Lab’s docks, and the Elevation Dock 4 is the latest and best of its available options. It’s simple to use — just drop your iPhone onto the Lightning connector, and it’s held up by the support, keeping it safe until it’s fully charged. It’s a minimalist design, and that means it’ll look great pretty much anywhere you need it, whether that’s on the bedside table or the office desk. But there’s a complexity and solid quality to the build that you don’t find everywhere, with the stainless steel adjustment knobs feeling particularly premium. There’s no assembly needed, so you can take it out of the box, plug it in, and use it immediately, and it works with iPads as well as iPhones. It’s a decent investment, and it looks fantastic and works excellently.

Apple Lightning Dock

The best iphone docks for 2021

Apple’s option isn’t exactly the best looking dock available, but it’s certainly one of the most minimalist in design. Apple’s official Lightning Dock is little more than a Lightning connector on a base, so there’s no support to help hold your iPhone. So why is it in this list? Well, it has some interesting utilities that make it a little more worthwhile. Firstly, it’s one of the few Apple products to still include a headphone jack, so it can be plugged into external speakers to boost your iPhone’s sound. It also works with headphones with an inline microphone, so you can place speakerphone calls more easily while your iPhone is plugged in. It’s expensive, though, considering you get little more than a base and a connector — especially when it isn’t supplied with a Lightning cable or a wall adaptor.

Hercules Tuff Charging Station

The best iphone docks for 2021

A dock for one device might not be enough — what if you have a bunch of work devices that need charging or you have a large family of devices? This is exactly where Hercules’ Tuff Charging Station comes in. It has room for an amazing six devices to be charged at the same time, thanks to six USB plugs with charging speeds of up to 2.4A. It’s not going to charge your devices as fast as a dedicated fast charger, but if you’re looking to charge as many devices as possible, then this will be perfect. It also comes with six cables — four Lightning cables, a Micro USB cable, and a USB-C cable.

Spigen S370 Wooden Phone Stand

The best iphone docks for 2021

Spigen is best known for its cases and screen protectors, but don’t sleep on its other excellent accessories. Spigen’s S370 might not have the most memorable name, but with its bamboo wooden build and space for an Apple Watch charger, it’s an excellent choice for your desk or bedside table. It’s deeper than most other wooden stands of this type, which stops it from toppling over if you use your phone, and there’s even handy extra storage space behind your phone. Best of all, it’s pretty well priced.

Belkin PowerHouse Charge Dock

The best iphone docks for 2021

This one is for people with an iPhone and an Apple Watch. The magnetic charging module for your Apple Watch and the Lightning connector for your iPhone are built into the dock, so you can charge them both via a single wall outlet. The dial on the back enables you to make fine adjustments to the Lightning connector, so you can position it perfectly to fit your iPhone model and whatever case it’s wearing. The base is weighted, so it’s sturdy and isn’t going to fall over or slide around on the night stand. It also features a simple design that will fit easily with most décor.

Twelve South HiRise 2 Deluxe Stand

The best iphone docks for 2021

Here’s a smart metal pedestal that’s finished in black, silver, or white. The stand docks your device at the bottom, so it will take any iPhone or iPad (except the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models with a USB-C port) with or without a case on. There’s a machined dial behind the two metal supports that hold your device, which allows for fine adjustments for any case or device. It leaves all the rest of your ports, controls, and speakers open, so it’s easy to use your iPhone while it’s sitting in the stand. This Deluxe model includes a Lightning cable and a Micro USB cable, so you can use it to charge up portable chargers or other devices.

Oakywood Walnut Combo Dock

Picture of oakywood walnut combo dock charging apple watch and iphone on desk

This stylish, hand-finished, artisan combo dock is crafted from solid walnut with a waxed finish. Its geometric, minimalist style is ideal for your desk or nightstand and has a magnet for your Apple Watch (though you’ll need your own cable) and a Lightning cable for your iPhone. It works with iPhone 5 and later.

Native Union Dock Plus

Native union dock

This dock features an elegant, simple design with a weighted silicone base that’s available in midnight blue and gold, or a stone and rose gold color. An angled piece of aluminum in gray slate, gold, or rose gold slots into the base to prop up your iPhone at an angle. You do have to insert your own charging cable, which is a bit disappointing when you consider the dock’s price tag. There are adapters in the base, so the dock can accommodate your iPhone naked or with a slim case on. It works with the iPhone 5 and later, along with the iPad 4 and up and iPod Touch (5th Gen) and Nano (7th Gen). If you’re looking to splash a little more cash on some more luxurious options, then check out the exquisite marble version.

Lamicall iPhone Stand

Lamicall iphone stand

If your budget is limited, then this sturdy aluminum alloy stand is worth a look. There is rubber padding to prevent any scratches, the hooks that hold your iPhone in place are roomy enough to accommodate rugged cases, and there are effective anti-slip pads on the bottom. The fixed angle works well for portrait or landscape and this dock will work with any model of iPhone. There is also a handy opening on the back to keep your Lightning cable out of the way. You can get it in silver or black finishes and it comes with a lifetime warranty. If you prefer more flexibility with the angle, then check out Lamicall’s adjustable stand.

Archeer Bamboo iPhone Dock

Archeer bamboo stand

A lot of iPhone docks stand out a little too much, but this smart bamboo dock is very unobtrusive. Archeer talks up the amplification, but don’t expect to hear a major difference as it only makes your iPhone slightly louder. The main attractions should be the simple design, bamboo construction, and low price. It would have been nice to have anti-slip pads on the bottom, though you could always add some yourself. This also won’t serve you if you want a charging dock as there is no space for a cable, it’s really just a stand for your desktop.

Kenu Stance Tripod

The best iphone docks for 2021

If you are craving a change, then this compact tripod may tempt you. It allows you to prop up your iPhone in both landscape or portrait view. It’s a prime option for taking pictures, hands-free reading, or film viewing. Small enough to fit neatly into your pocket or bag. You can also adjust the three legs to find just the right angle for you. Kenu changed the original design for this version, so it fashions a robust lightning port connector. There’s also a keyring attachment. It can even serve as a bottle opener.


Ventev Charge Stand 3000c

Ventev chargestand 3000c

The Ventev Charge Stand 3000c may not look out of the ordinary, at first glance, but this phone stand is far from it. Busy people will appreciate this device because it combines a charging dock with a portable (and powerful) 3,000mAh battery that you can use wherever you go. 

The Ventev model’s size and shape leave a noteworthy impression. Its low profile makes it optimal for backpacks, briefcases, purses, or other carry-on bags. It boasts four useful LED lights along its front, indicating the device’s available battery.

This stand is a three-in-one model containing a portable battery, charger, and stand with multiview function. You can charge your phone in either portrait or landscape mode, making it an incredibly versatile choice.

In general, the Ventev stand is practical and straightforward. It works well for travel because it’s lightweight, yet it’s sturdy enough to use on a desktop, making it a flexible and fully functional charging station for your phone no matter what the situation. 

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