The Best iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protectors: Shield Like a Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro has landed, and as you may have guessed, it’s a pretty good phone. Not only does it introduce new camera lenses, a bigger battery, more internal memory, and a 120Hz refresh rate, but its display is also made with Ceramic Shield glass. This is supposed to be four times as durable as the average smartphone glass, according to Apple. However, while it is certainly an improvement over generic glass, it’s not invulnerable to damage. Because of this, and because we’re assuming that anyone spending upward of $1,000 really doesn’t want to spoil their new phone, we’ve put together a list of the best iPhone 13 Pro screen protectors.

These protectors range from the more affordable to the more deluxe, with everything in between. Because the iPhone 13 Pro has only recently been announced, check back for more additions in the future since we update the list regularly.

Tech21 Impact Glass

Tech21 impact glass for iphone 13 pro.

Want to reinforce the iPhone 13 Pro’s Ceramic Shield? Well, there aren’t many better options than Tech21’s Impact Glass. This screen protector is constructed from toughened, chemically reinforced glass, giving it an impressive degree of resistance against drops and damage (it has been “scientifically proven” to withstand around 200 newtons of force). Tech21 has also treated it with an advanced antimicrobial finish, so it will significantly reduce bacteria growth and help keep you hygienic. Despite boasting above-average toughness, the screen protector is also highly transparent and responsive, so you’ll continue to enjoy using the iPhone’s touchscreen as before.

Speck ShieldView Glass

Speck shieldview glass.

Speck may be more well-known for its cases, but its ShieldView Glass is a great example of an iPhone 13 Pro screen protector. It’s made of high-quality tempered glass that comes with a 9H hardness rating and an anti-scratch coating, so it will resist everyday stresses and scrapes without picking any marks. The protector also happens to be dirt- and fingerprint-resistant, while its use of a Microban coating reduces microbe growth by as much as 99%. On top of this, the protector is laudably lightweight and slim, measuring in at 0.33mm, which makes it as responsive and as transparent as anything else on the market. It also comes packed with a GoofProof installation kit, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty in attaching it to the iPhone 13 Pro’s screen.

Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Supershieldz tempered glass screen protector for iphone 13.

Supershieldz is where it’s at if you want a highly affordable protector that still actually works. It gets the basics spot-on, made of tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating that ensures it can take pretty much all of the punishment you have to offer. Impressively, it also boasts 99.99% clarity, so you’ll barely notice it’s there, both in terms of transparency and functionality. Even with its cut-down price, it still throws in an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating, which resists oil and water and keeps the 13 Pro’s screen looking more or less immaculate. Comes in a pack of three, while its 2.5D rounded edges make it more comfortable to fit and to use.

Zagg InvisibleShield Glass XTR Screen Protector

Zagg glass xtr iphone 13 pro screen protector.

Zagg’s Glass XTR range offers the most advanced screen protectors the company has manufactured to date. It’s also one of the most comprehensive, with its durable tempered glass rounded off by a variety of additional features. These include an Eyesafe blue light filter and also an antibacterial coating, reducing microbes to an acceptable minimum. Zagg has also integrated its D3O material, which makes the protector even stronger and more capable of surviving falls, scratches, and other abuse. It has also been designed to be highly touch-sensitive, with a particular focus on ensuring that gamers get exactly the same amount of joy out of the iPhone 13 Pro as they would without a protector. If that weren’t enough, an installation kit is included for easy fitting, making this item one of the best all-around iPhone 13 Pro screen protectors.

Totallee Screen Protector

Totallee screen protector for iphone 13.

Totallee’s iPhone 13 Pro screen protector is probably one of the most durable and rugged available right now, yet it also provides a wide range of features and protections. Its edge-to-edge glass covers the iPhone 13 Pro’s entire display, while it also manages a 9H hardness rating that makes it largely idiot-proof. In fact, Totallee claims it’s three times stronger than the typical PET film protector, largely because it’s made of tempered glass. Despite this, it is slim and lightweight, so its responsiveness and transparency are comparable to that of a film-based cover. Comes with an installation kit, while also promising a bubble-free fit.

Spigen EZ Fit Slim

Spigen ez fit glas. Tr slim iphone 13 screen protector.

Spigen’s EZ Fit Slim is another great iPhone 13 Pro screen protector. With a 9H durability and hardness rating, its tempered glass will do the best possible job of preventing scratches, chips, and other kinds of damage. Its oleophobic coating will also do a very good job of preventing you from smudging the phone’s screen after you’ve just eaten some potato chips or peanuts. As a bonus, the protector comes with a unique auto-alignment tray, meaning that it effectively installs itself, with your only input being a single push. Sold in a pack of two, just in case.

Case-Mate iPhone 13 Glass Screen Protector

Case-mate iphone 13 glass screen protector.

Yes, Case-Mate may unsurprisingly be synonymous with cases, but its screen protectors are basically just as good. This one for the iPhone 13 Pro offers the maximum 9H hardness rating, so you could possibly eat your dinner off of it without leaving any discernible scratches or scuffs (not that we recommend trying this). It also comes with an oleophobic coating, meaning fingerprints and smudges will be consigned to the nightmare of the past.

Olixar iPhone 13 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Olixar iphone 13 tempered glass screen protector for iphone 13.

Olixar’s iPhone 13 Pro screen protector represents a great middle-ground between premium performance and accessible affordability. Most importantly, it features tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating. At the same time, its use of an underlying anti-shatter film means that, even if it plunges from a raised height, it won’t smash into multiple fragments. It measures in it at only 0.27mm and can therefore boast a 95% light penetration ratio, so you’ll get all the brightness and vividness the iPhone 13 Pro has to offer. Sold only in a pack of one, but it really should last the duration of your time with the 13 Pro.

Whitestone Dome Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Whitestone dome glass tempered glass screen protector.

Full coverage, full responsiveness, full clarity, and a full fix. This is what Whitestone claims you get when you buy one of its Dome Glass screen protectors, and we agree that its iPhone 13 Pro protector does indeed live up to the hype. It’s made of very durable reinforced glass, making it highly resistant to damage. Even better, its special build means it can repair minor cracks on your 13 Pro’s screen. This makes it ideal if you already have some modest damage or scratches on your display. It also has the benefit of fitting the iPhone’s screen completely and securely, so every last millimeter of the display will be defended by it. The protector is also sold in a pack of two, just in case you’re unfortunate enough to break the first one.

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