The Best iPhone 13 Pro Cases to Keep Your New Phone Safe

The launch of a new iPhone has likely come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, but as always, Apple’s new range of devices has us salivating. The Apple iPhone 13 range has launched at the California Streaming event, and the flagship of the bunch is probably the iPhone 13 Pro. A combination of blazing power and a manageable size, the iPhone 13 Pro improves on the iPhone 12 Pro by offering the upgraded A15 Bionic processor, a much larger battery, and the option for 1TB of storage.

But with prices starting at $999, you might be wary of taking your shiny new iPhone 13 Pro out of the house. Don’t be afraid — buy a protective case instead! Despite the iPhone 13 Pro being box-fresh, case manufacturers already have great case options ready. So whether you’re looking for a clear case that shows off your style, a chic leather wallet case, or an uber-protective tough case, we’ve got some great picks for you below. Here are some of the best iPhone 13 Pro cases currently available.

Olixar Clear MagSafe Case

The front and back of the olixar clear case for the iphone 13 pro.

Olixar isn’t one of the big boys of cases, but it’s happily pumping out pretty good cases at low prices. This clear case is a great choice if you’re looking for a thin, clear case that doesn’t hide your iPhone 13 Pro away behind thick bulky plastic and doesn’t add a large amount of thickness to your device. The gel material it’s made from won’t make it the most protective case you’ve ever used, but it will offer good everyday protection against scratches, dirt, and minor bumps. A raised edge around the display and camera lenses also means they won’t rest on surfaces, which is a nice bonus. Oh, and it’s completely MagSafe-compatible, too.

Ghostek Covert MagSafe Case

The back of the ghostek covert case for the iphone 13 pro.

Want a unique rugged case that also looks good? Ghostek’s new Covert series case looks great, with a design you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s extremely protective as well. The minimalist and lightweight design doesn’t lack protection, using hard polycarbonate, shock-absorbing TPU, and R2x silicone corners to insulate your new iPhone against a range of hazards. It’s drop-tested to 8 feet, has an anti-microbial coating, and has been treated to resist yellowing as it ages. Sure, it doesn’t have the waterproofing of some of its other Ghostek kin, but it’s also a lot cheaper and offers a lot of protection against other, more solid threats.

Ted Baker Jasmine Anti-shock Case

The back of the ted baker case for the iphone 13 pro.

The iPhone 13 Pro is sure to be the phone of choice for the fashion-conscious, and if that describes you, why not double down on your style with this attractive Ted Baker case? The shiny polycarbonate Rose Gold rear clips onto your iPhone, while the cover folds around the front, keeping your display safe. The Jasmine design lends a chic look to your already stylish device, and the bulk is kept to a minimum, keeping your iPhone slim and light.

Incipio Stashback Card Case

The front and back of the incipio stashback case for the iphone 13 pro.

Incipio is one of the big beasts of smartphone accessories, and that’s very obvious when you look at the Stashback’s spec sheet. It offers amazing 14-foot drop resistance, plus an anti-scratch and anti-microbial design and a sliding compartment on the back to stash away cards, tickets, or even a little spare cash. On the downside, it’s certainly expensive — and just a little boring. The design is reminiscent of a battery case (not usually the best-looking cases), and the compartment adds quite a lot of extra thickness. Still, even with those in mind, the exceptional protection and extra utility offered by the compartment mean this case absolutely has to be on your list if you’re looking for a tough case with more to offer.

Vena Legacy Card Holder Case

The front and back of the vena legacy case for the iphone 13 pro.

Another card-holding case, but this time with a difference. Vena’s Legacy case focuses less on protection and more on offering a sleek, slimmer way to keep your cards with you. It’s equipped with RFID protection for your cards, and there’s room for up to two cards in the wallet section. The wallet section also levers out to become a kickstand, making it handy to watch videos on the move. We mentioned it wasn’t as strong as the Incipio case above, but the Legacy is still pretty strong, thanks to dual-layer construction and Cornerguard technology. Tactile buttons feel good, and while the price is a bit high, it’s worth it for a high-quality case.

Ringke Fusion-X Rugged Case

The front and back of the ringke fusion-x case for the iphone 13 pro.

A mainstay of our phone case round-ups, Ringke’s Fusion-X case should be on everyone’s watch lists where cases are concerned. It has an unconventional design, which may put some off, but if you’re happy with the camouflage pattern and tough black borders, then the Fusion-X is definitely for you. The polycarbonate back provides a hard barrier against scratches, while the black TPU bumper helps to absorb impacts and drops. There’s even an attachment point for a lanyard, just in case you really, really hate drops — but then, who doesn’t?

UAG Monarch Tough Case

The back of the uag monarch case for the iphone 13 pro.

You want pure protection? Then you’ve got pure protection when you pick a UAG case. The Monarch case is one of the toughest cases UAG offers, with five layers of protection, including premium leather. It’s tested up to 2x military standards, has a raised bezel that protects the screen and camera lenses, and has some heavy-duty button covers that keep those vulnerable areas safe and sound. Sure, it’s the most expensive case on this list, but UAG has a name you can rely on, and the case’s strength speaks for itself.

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