The Best iPhone 13 Cases and Covers for 2021

It’s that time of year again. Yes, Apple has unveiled its latest smartphone, the Apple iPhone 13. Revealed at the California Streaming event, the device boasts a number of notable improvements over its predecessor, the iPhone 12. These include the more powerful A15 Bionic chip, a bigger battery, a narrowed notch, enhanced camera sensors, and increased default storage. However, despite the impressive Ceramic Shield body, the iPhone 13 is not indestructible. You will almost certainly need a case if you want to protect it against damage from serious drops and knocks. Accordingly, we’ve put together a list of the best iPhone 13 cases available right now.

While the number of cases for the iPhone 13 remains relatively limited (due to the device only just having been revealed), this list still covers most bases. We’ll also keep updating as more covers are released, so check back periodically if you don’t find something to your liking straight away.

Ghostek Atomic Slim Clear MagSafe Case

Ghostek atomic slim clear magsafe case.

Ghostek cases are where it’s at for covers that look futuristically stylish while also providing serious reinforcement. The Atomic Slim case combines lightweight but tough aluminum with a more flexible TPU inner skin, offering a dual-layer build that will withstand most serious shocks and falls. Its defenses are strengthened with shock-absorbing corners, lifted bezels, and a scratch-resistant PC back. It’s very rugged and has been tested to military-grade standards, proving itself capable of surviving drops of up to 12 feet. If that wasn’t enough, it also incorporates a tactile anti-slip grip and supports Face ID, wireless charging, and MagSafe accessories. One of the most comprehensive iPhone 13 cases you’re likely to find, right now or ever.

Totallee Super Thin Case

Totallee super thin iphone 13 case.

Bulky “armor” cases aren’t for everyone, so here’s an ultra-thin and ultra-discreet iPhone case from Totallee. It’s been designed to be maximally minimal, weighing in at a featherweight 0.1 ounces and measuring in at between 0.02 and 0.03 inches (depending on where you measure along its spine). Its minimalism is capped off by the lack of a Totallee logo or branding, so you can continue showing off your new iPhone as if you didn’t have a case. However, despite its sleekness, it will guard against most accidents. To this end, it includes raised lips for added protection. It’s also designed to be fully compatible with wireless charging and MagSafe accessories.

Olixar Camera Stand Case

Olixar iphone 13 camera stand case.

Made from a strong yet lightweight synthetic plastic, this case from Olixar looks great and will also keep your iPhone 13 looking great. Its TPU will soak up a fair amount of punishment, while the inclusion of a ring loop around the camera lenses will protect these from isolated damage. In fact, this loop also doubles as a fold-out stand, so you can prop your iPhone up and watch TV or chat with friends without bothering your hands. Needless to say, the case is slim and easy to handle, with accurate cutouts making it easy to use.

Ted Baker Folio Glitsie Flip Mirror Case

Ted baker folio glitsie iphone 13 flip mirror case.

Here’s a case for anyone who wants to accessorize their iPhone 13 and turn it into (even more of) a fashion statement. The glitter print design — combing pink glitter and rose-gold edging — will make the phone sparkle and stand out, while its flip-cover design means you get touchscreen protection in addition to the usual rear-and-sides protection. Its most distinctive feature is that you’ll find a built-in mirror on the reverse side of the flip cover, so you can check how you’re doing before you leave the house for a night out. While it is a little thicker than other cases, because of the front cover, it remains conveniently slim and light, so it won’t add unnecessary bulk to your pocket or handbag.

LoveCases Abstract Rainbow Gel Case

Lovecases abstract rainbow gel case.

We’ve picked the Abstract Rainbow model here, but pretty much every item in LoveCases’ range for the iPhone 13 is a good option if you want something a bit more interesting than a plain cover. Its design is colorful and bright without being excessive, so you can impress without going overboard. Its TPU constitution is durable enough to resist most everyday damage, yet it’s also lightweight enough to make it easy to handle and stow away. Raised bezels add extra protection for the phone’s screen and rear camera lenses while all the necessary ports and buttons are present. In addition, the case is compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging, as well as Face ID.

Pulen Liquid Silicone Case

Pulen liquid silicone case for iphone 13.

Pulen is a great brand if you want sturdy, attractive cases without having to spend too much. This particular iPhone 13 case features a triple-layer construction, incorporating an outer silicone layer, a harder PC middle layer, and a micro-fiber lining. This makes it noticeably tougher than most other cases in its price range, and the layer of liquid silica gel provides enough grip to stop the phone from falling accidentally out of your hands. The case is also scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint, so it will retain its luster while also preserving your iPhone. It also supports wireless charging, Apple Pay, MagSafe, and Face ID. All in all,  it’s a great all-around case that also happens to be easy to install and remove, as well as one that can be washed with water without suffering any discoloration.

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