It’s important to be prepared when playing Call of Duty: Warzone. The weapon you choose will have a tremendous impact on how a match plays out for you, so you’ll want to pick one that suits your play style. While there are a ton of great choices for weapons to use, one that is highly underrated is the FN Scar 17 assault rifle. It’s easy to see why many players opt to go with other weapons over the Scar, but if you know how to use it, you can absolutely decimate the competition. But what kind of attachments, perks, and equipment should you use with the Scar?

Here, we’ll detail all of the best Scar loadouts in Warzone, as well as strategies for using it effectively. If you’re looking for a new weapon to try out, or are struggling to figure out how to use the Scar, this guide is for you. Here are the best FN Scar 17 loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone.

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Scar FN 17 overview

Before getting into the best loadouts and how to use the Scar, let’s jump into an overview of the weapon. The FN Scar 17 is one of the most underutilized assault rifles in all of Call of Duty: Warzone. Many players are turned off by its low clip size of 20, but despite that, it remains an absolute powerhouse of a weapon if you know how to use it. It does high amounts of damage, can take enemies out at long range, and has manageable recoil. It’s a weapon that isn’t the most versatile, but excels at medium- to long-range encounters. In Warzone, many of the firefights you’ll engage in will likely be at medium to long range — making the Scar a respectable choice while on the battlefield. It’s not the easiest weapon to use, but once you figure it out, you might fall in love with it. Let’s get into some of the best Scar loadouts in Warzone.

Long range

The FN Scar 17 excels at medium to long range, and most players who use it will prioritize a setup that enhances its performance from afar. Ideally, you should enhance the weapon’s accuracy and control as much as possible, to ensure you secure those long-range kills. That’s why we recommend adding the Monolithic suppressor — to improve its range, increase its damage from far away, and to keep you off the enemy’s radar. The FORGE Tac 20.0-inch LB barrel will also improve the weapon’s handling when engaging in those long-range firefights — at the expense of slower aim down sights (ADS) speed.

You’ll also want to add the XRK Obelisk Pro stock to boost its control and accuracy, while also improving its steadiness. The same can be said about the Commando foregrip — it adds to the weapon’s accuracy and control and stabilizes its recoil. Finally, the granulated grip tape gives the Scar even better accuracy and control, rounding out the loadout for long-range battles.

The one thing you might notice is that we opt to keep the weapon’s default 20 rounds. This might be controversial, but when pulling off those long-range kills, you’ll need all the boosts to accuracy and control you can get. If you find that you need more ammo (which is understandable, as 20 rounds is really low), then swap the rear grip for extra rounds. In Warzone, having more ammo is helpful, but we’ve found that low clip size isn’t as big of a hindrance as increased recoil.

Here are the attachments for an ideal long-range Scar setup:

Muzzle Monolithic suppressor
Barrel FORGE Tac 20.0″ LB
Stock XRK Obelisk Pro
Underbarrel Commando foregrip
Rear grip Granulated grip tape

And here’s a clip of the weapon in action. Note that the clip is from Modern Warfare multiplayer:

You can see that the Scar is most effective at medium to long range, as evidenced by the clip above. Of course, the time to kill in multiplayer is a lot lower than in Warzone, but you can still get kills in the same way while playing Battle Royale. Unlike many ranged weapons, you can pretty much hold down the trigger while at medium to long range. Since you’ll be using the default 20-round magazine, you’ll want to adjust this on a case-by-case basis — but from what we’ve seen, you can get away with simply holding down the trigger in most cases. Even in Warzone, you can take out an enemy with the Scar in four to five shots — two if you get them in the head. That’s where the weapon’s damage comes into play.

A secondary is really important with this version of the Scar since you might run into situations in which you’re out of ammo. Try to pick up another assault rifle as a secondary, or perhaps the .50 GS to secure those kills. As with most Warzone loadouts, your secondary isn’t as important since you can pick one up along the way — especially if you make a habit of completing contracts.

Your Warzone perks will likely look something like this: Cold-Blooded, Ghost, and Amped or Tune Up. Having Cold-Blooded will keep you off enemy thermal scopes, Ghost will keep you off enemy radars during UAVs and will prevent you from appearing on heartbeat sensors, while Amped increases your weapon swap speed. Tune Up is good, too, as it reduces the time it takes to revive yourself or a teammate, but which one you choose ultimately comes down to your play style. If you’re going with the Scar’s 20-round magazines, having Amped is a good idea so you can quickly swap if you run out of ammo.

Nearly every Warzone loadout is made better with the use of C4s and either a heartbeat sensor or stuns. Again, it comes down to how you play, but those are typically our go-to equipment choices. C4 is excellent for weakening an enemy before rushing in, or it can be thrown as a last-ditch effort if you run out of ammo. Heartbeat sensors are great, but oftentimes, especially toward the end of a match, most players will be using Ghost. Though, even if it helps you secure one kill, it’s worth it.

Close range

To be frank, the Scar isn’t really designed to be used up close. You can make it work, but you’ll find the weapon at its best at medium range. However, you can equip attachments that certainly improve your odds up close. The attachments will reduce the weapon’s weight, improve mobility, and speed up ADS time, making it much better at close to medium range. As always, start off with the Monolithic suppressor to keep you off the enemy’s radar and increase accuracy. If you find the weapon to be too slow, you can swap the Monolithic suppressor for the lightweight suppressor.

Make sure you equip the FORGE Tac CQC Pro barrel for improved ADS speed and mobility; the Tac laser for increased ADS speed, stability, and control; and the FTAC collapsible stock to make the weapon even lighter. Finally, the 30-round clip will likely come in handy for you with this particular setup. It’s great for rushing into a building that could have more than one enemy — so increasing your ammo count is never a bad idea. Unlike the long-range version, you can get away with a little less accuracy and control — in exchange for a larger clip size — since you’ll be using this setup in close quarters. Though, if you find that 20 rounds is enough, go ahead and swap the 30-round mags for the stippled grip tape to improve ADS time.

Here’s the full close-quarters Scar setup:

Muzzle Monolithic suppressor
Barrel FORGE Tac CQC Pro
Laser Tac laser
Stock FTAC collapsible
Ammunition 30-round mags

And here’s a clip of it in action during a multiplayer match in Modern Warfare.

You’ll notice in the clip above that even though this setup is designed for close-quarters engagements, it still performs well at medium and even long range. That’s the thing about the Scar — even when you deck it out to excel up close, it’s still a powerhouse at medium range. You can also see how we utilize the weapon’s fast ADS speed at all distances with this setup. Hip firing with the Scar is ill advised unless you’re at point-blank range.

As for your secondary, you can come equipped with an RPG or Akimbo .357 Magnums. Since this version of the Scar still does well at medium to long range, you can get away with bringing a secondary that works better up close. Make sure you pick up a weapon that complements the Scar as you play, like a shotgun or sniper of some kind.

Your perks should be the same as we listed above: Cold-Blooded, Ghost, and either Amped or Tune Up. In this case, since you’ll be using the weapon’s 30-round mags, you can justify using Tune Up instead. In addition, if you really want a second primary weapon to improve your odds, you can swap Overkill for Ghost — though we typically find this unnecessary. You’ll surely find a decent weapon throughout the match, so it’s best to stick with Ghost as your second perk.

With this being a close-quarters class, we highly recommend using either stuns/flashes or a heartbeat sensor to help as you infiltrate a building. Combine that with C4s or molotovs, and you’ll be in good shape for rushing up on someone sitting inside a building.


If the previous two loadouts aren’t for you, perhaps you’ll like a more rounded version of the Scar. For our final loadout, we’ll be covering an all-around setup, ideal for many situations. With this class, we’ll still be prioritizing accuracy and suppressed gameplay, but with a few alterations to make it work in a variety of situations. As with most Warzone classes, we advise starting with the Monolithic suppressor for increased range and accuracy and to keep you off the enemy’s mini-map.

Instead of the FORGE Tac 20.0-inch LB barrel from the long-range counterpart, use the FORGE Tac 17.2″ LB barrel for increased mobility and ADS speed. And although the weapon has manageable iron sights, you might want to use some sort of optic — like the G.I. mini reflex. Since you want this loadout to excel in most situations, using a sight will improve your odds. The Commando foregrip will also increase range, accuracy, and control, making it more effective when pulling off medium- to long-range kills. Finally, use the 30-round mags to give yourself an ammo boost — perfect for taking out multiple enemies at once.

Here’s what the setup looks like in full:

Muzzle Monolithic suppressor
Barrel FORGE Tac 17.2″ LB
Optic G.I. mini reflex
Underbarrel Commando foregrip
Ammunition 30-round mags

Below you’ll find a clip of this class in action, during a Modern Warfare multiplayer match.

As you can see, this setup makes it easy to take out enemies at medium range — particularly due to the G.I. mini reflex optic. If you love the iron sights like some people do, then you’ll be in better shape. But we absolutely prefer this weapon with a sight. The other attachments help with its accuracy and ensure that you’re well equipped for those medium-range firefights. The FORGE Tac 17.2-inch LB barrel will make close-quarters battles easier, due to the mobility enhancement. All around, these attachments are great for most situations, even if the Scar is meant to be used for long-range engagements.

For your secondary, come equipped with a handgun like the .357 or .50 GS. You’ll need something that will pack a punch, in the event that you run out of ammo in your clip with the Scar. Just make sure you’re always on the lookout for something better, like an assault rifle or SMG along the way.

Stick with the same perks listed in the previous loadouts for this one — though if you want a loadout that will work in most situations, this is a great time to use Overkill. We still recommend to stick with Ghost since you can pick up a great weapon along the way, but there is something you can do to have the best of both worlds. You can make two loadouts — one with Ghost and one with Overkill. Start by grabbing the class with Overkill and then get a second loadout later on in the match with Ghost. It’ll cost you some money and is a bit riskier, but having two primaries works wonders.

For equipment, we recommend the same as above: Either a stun/flash or heartbeat, and C4s. Alternatively, you can use smoke grenades to cover yourself while you revive a teammate, or to help you get through a high-traffic area. You can’t really go wrong with these pieces of equipment, but whatever you do, don’t waste your slots on throwing knives or decoys.

In summation, the Scar is an excellent weapon to use if you’re looking for a high-damage assault rifle that excels at medium- to long-range encounters. Unfortunately, it has many downsides like its low clip size and poor performance up close. If you can get used to the way it handles, you’ll probably enjoy the weapon — if nothing else for its high damage output.

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