The Best Electric Cooktops of 2020

Some people may think an electric cooktop is nothing more than a glorified hotplate, but this is certainly not the case. A true electric cooktop is actually a fully functional electric stove, perfect for kitchens without a standard stove/oven combo. Whether you are updating your kitchen, installing a kitchenette, or building a tiny home, they are versatile and might just fit your needs.

These cooktops range in both price and functionality. You can choose the space-age tech that feels like something out of the future, or a simple cooktop with dials like your stove. Check out our picks for the best models for 2020.

GE 36-inch Radiant Electric Cooktop JP5036DJBB

The best electric cooktops of 2020

The GE 36-inch Radiant Electric Cooktop JP5036DJBB gives you a variety of options to fit every pot and pan you have — along with some impressive tech features. The middle burner has three optional size options that can certainly fit extra-large pots and provides 3,000 watts of power. The two-sized side burner is a “power boil” 2,400-watt element designed to apply extra heat to bring things to a full boil. The glide touch controls may take some getting used to, but they do have a handy lock option so you don’t accidentally adjust the heat after turning them on. Overall, this cooktop combines the benefits of electric heating with the best of recent innovations in cooktop technology, making it an easy recommendation.

Samsung NZ36K7570RG 36-inch

The best electric cooktops of 2020

Some people do not like the glide touch control system, which takes time to get used to. If you’d rather avoid touch dial options, the Samsung NZ36K7570RG 36-inch offers more traditional dials as well as digital touch controls, thanks to removable magnetic knobs — a neat solution. It also provides some of the same benefits as our top GE Appliances pick, including two sync burners for griddles and a rapid boil burner (3,300 watts) for quickly heating up your liquids. The Bluetooth feature links to Samsung oven ranges so that it can automatically turn on lights and fans when you start using the cooktop — also neat. There’s also Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control of the burners, a Melt Mode for slowly melting chocolate or butter, and a Control Lock that keeps your family protected by disabling stove functions when you’re not actively cooking.

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GE Profile 30-inch Radiant Electric Cooktop PP7030BMTS

The best electric cooktops of 2020

While the offset four burners may look at a little odd, the GE Profile 30-inch Radiant Electric Cooktop PP7030BMTS sports impressive, durable knob controls and powerful heating elements (no multi-size elements here, unfortunately), plus an excellent design. It has the Power Boil 3,100-watt flexible element that produces rapid, powerful heat when you need it, and you can sync two burners together to cook larger pots. It also has a melt setting for when you make candy or other delicate foods. Plus, all of the knobs are backlit.

EcoTouch 30-inch Radiant Cooktop

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While not as big or feature-rich as some of the other cooktops on our list, this affordable four-burner model by EcoTouch is far from a value brand in terms of performance and ease of use. Prepare piping hot meals in no time with this fast-acting 6800-watt cooktop. A simple 1-9 heat-level selector is the one primary button you’ve got to work with. There are also start/pause commands and a built-in timer. It’s not bourgeois by any means, but the EcoTouch 30-inch Radiant Cooktop gets the job done while keeping things minimalist and cost-effective as a bonus.

KitchenAid KICU509XBL 30-inch

The best electric cooktops of 2020

This powerful KitchenAid cooktop is equipped with a responsive heat-level selector, letting you choose from up to 12 different heating presets. There are five burners to cycle between, including one 6-inch, two 7-inch, and one 11-inch. KitchenAid KICU509XBL 30-inch also has sensors that measure a pot or pan’s size and warn you if it doesn’t fit over a particular burner. Another feature is the temporary performance booster that applies a flash of high heat to thoroughly cook or create a desired texture for certain foods more efficiently. This cooktop’s unique toolset and flawless construction are well worth a high price-tag. 

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LG LCE3010SB 30-inch

The best electric cooktops of 2020

On the other hand, if you like the high-tech controls, this LG cooktop will ensure your sci-fi dreams come true. The touch-based control panel looks more like something you would find in a spaceship than a kitchen, with an arc of gliding dials that lets you immediately control the five different elements and see what state they are in at a glance. The LG LCE3010SB 30-inch also includes multi-size elements and syncing elements, as well as a “keep warm” setting, a child lock to prevent tampering, and auto shut off for safety.

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