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The Best Accessories For Your New Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, or S21 Ultra

Samsung launched its hotly-anticipated Galaxy S21 series with a trio of flagship smartphones in a range of sizes: The 6.2-inch S21, the 6.7-inch S21 Plus, and the massive 6.8-inch S21 Ultra. If you’re planning to purchase any of these new phones, you will also want to pick up a few extra goodies to properly outfit it.

Despite Samsung previously mocking Apple for ditching the in-package charger for its iPhone 12 series, Samsung decided on imitation as the lowest form of flattery by doing the exact same thing. That means you may need to buy a charger for your new phone. Samsung Galaxy phones are, more than ever, humongous glass slabs for which you will want a protective cover before taking it into the wild of your neighborhood, subway, or bodega. But that’s just the beginning. We put together a list of some of the best accessories we could find this early in the game to help get your new phone up and running with the accoutrements it needs for functionality and safety.

Covert Clear Cases for Galaxy S21 Series

Covert Galaxy S21 Clear Phone CaseCovert Galaxy S21 Clear Phone Case

Ghostek’s Covert Clear case — military-grade, drop-tested, and augmented with sturdy silicone corners — is available for all phones in the Galaxy S21 range. It gives you easy access to all buttons and ports on the device, while the cover delivers a grippy, slim-fitting design that protects without adding bulk. With its raised bezels reinforcing the body of the case, even when dropped, your screen should remain intact and scratch-free, with the camera fully protected as well.

ESR Metal Kickstand Case

For use with the smallest new Samsung Galaxy S21 — the 6.2-inch model — ESR’s flexible polymer case offers superior impact protection over hard plastic cases. Use the kickstand to videoconference with your friends or watch videos with the two-way portrait and landscape stand. The kickstand is adjustable up to 60 degrees, giving you the right angle for any activity. Raised edges protect your S21 screen and camera from drops and scratches.

Galaxy S21 Case

SQMCase’s Galaxy S21 case is made of flexible, soft TPU with rubber bumper edges that offer a strong protective exterior. Reinforced corners and raised edges protect the screen from drops, bumps, and scratches when face down on a surface. The case is compatible with most third-party screen protectors and other accessories. An integrated 360-degree rotating finger holder prevents your phone from accidental drops and can be used as a handy viewing kickstand. It even provides an integrated car mount, as inside the center of the holder ring, a piece of iron facilitates the case’s attachment to a magnetic car holder.

Samsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger Stand

No charger in the box? No problem. Samsung’s charger supports its Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 to deliver a 15W charge to your device wirelessly. Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 works with the new Galaxy S21 series as well as older phone and tablet models. The Wireless Charger Stand comes with a fan to keep the unit cool and LED lights to assist with your sleep, but you can disable both features. The charger comes with a power brick and a USB-A to USB-C cable.

Anker 15W Max Wireless Charger

With up to 15W max charging speeds, Anker’s aluminum base has a pleasing design and excellent heat dissipation for a more stable charging experience. Its silicone pads grip your phone in a steady seat while powering up. The PowerWave Alloy Pad is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, including the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series. A 5-foot USB-A to C cable is included in the package.

Galaxy Buds Live

If you’ve outfitted yourself with either an S21 or an S21+, the earbuds to get are Samsung Buds Live. With their comfortable, ergonomic design and premium sound from AKG, these earpieces amplify sound while simultaneously canceling background noise. With fast charging and wireless power share, Galaxy Buds Live promise to last all day — and five minutes gets you an hour of juice. Its ergonomic design fits snugly with two wingtip sizes for a better fit. The large driver and bass duct help offer deep bass. They come in white, black, bronze, red, and blue.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

This new earbud set is only for the s21 Ultra and only works on Android 11. It has several advanced new features. Voice Detect recognizes when you are speaking and lowers the volume of other media while also enabling audio passthrough so you can converse without removing a bud or pausing your music. Samsung also added a left/right sound balance feature for those with specific hearing problems. The new buds feature a copy of Apple’s Spatial Audio feature, now available on AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, which can create a surround sound effect that changes the direction of audio based on the direction of your head and the position of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is a tiny tracker to monitor critical items like wallets, keys, and earbuds. The Galaxy Smart Tag’s design has been compared to Tile’s trackers in that both have a similar rounded square shape with a hole in one corner to attach a cord or strap. The Smart Tag will use Samsung’s new SmartThings Find technology to help users keep track of various objects. It uses Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) and ultra-wideband to send signals to your smartphone from the linked object. It also works offline as long as the tracker has enough juice.

Galaxy S21 Ultra S-View Case with S-Pen Compartment

Andrew Martonik/Digital Trends

While the S-Pen is among the supported accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, that model does not have a dedicated stylus compartment. Instead, Samsung will ship the S-Pen and a silicon case combo for Ultra users who also want the pen. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the only phone with S-Pen support, so you can’t find the case for the S21 or S21 Plus. The phone case, of course, also protects the phone as well as the S-Pen, with the pen holder slot located on the left side of the rubber sleeve.

Galaxy S21 Phone Camera Lens Protector

Protect your all-important camera lens with the ESR phone camera protector, which is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S21. The package features a full installation kit for easy and bubble-free installation. Its HD clarity protects your pictures and videos with scratch-resistant glass that shields your lens from keys, coins, and sharp objects. It comes with two phone lens protectors, two cleaning kits, and instructions.

Galaxy S21 Liquid Skin Full-Coverage Screen Protector

Compatible only with the Samsung Galaxy S21, this shield protects your screen while providing a fully responsive capacitive touch experience. Made of flexible polymer — not glass — it offers full coverage and fits with any case you choose. It self-heals from light scratches over time and comes in a three-pack.

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