The best 4K TV deals of August 2021

Sony X90J 65 Inch Bravia XR 4K UHD Smart Google TV Promo Image

If you’re on the hunt for a new TV, you may have already noticed that 4K is everywhere. It’s becoming a standard feature, and prices have slowly started to come down. However, it can still be a challenge to decide just what you need on your next TV. We’ve done our best to put in the legwork and gather some of the best 4K TV deals available right now in 2021.

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Featured deal: Save 28% on the latest Sony 4K smart TV

Sony X90J 65 Inch Bravia XR 4K UHD Smart Google TV Amazon Deal

If you’re just looking for maximum screen real estate for your money then check out the myriad of deals below, but it’s not all about the inches. The 2021 model of the 65-inch Sony Bravia just hit a new low price on Amazon, letting you pick it up for just $1,298 ($502 off).

Sony claims that the Sony X90J 65-Inch Bravia XR 4K UHD Smart Google TV is the world’s first TV with cognitive intelligence. It sounds like something Neo would use in The Matrix, but the Cognitive Processor XR apparently understands how humans see and hear, and adapts the picture and sound in real-time to maximize your viewing experience.

Google TV lets you browse movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Disney Plus, or your other streaming service of choice. Google Assistant and Alexa both offer you the chance to do your browsing without lifting a finger.

Amazon deals can disappear at any time, so check out the deal via the link below.

4K TV deals

40 to 49-inch 4K TV deals

samsung 43 inch led smart tv

You’re less likely to notice the 4K difference on a small TV, so we’re starting with 40 inches as a baseline. You should have no problem fitting your new TV into just about any room in the house at this size. These are also the most affordable TVs, thanks to the slightly smaller size, which is perfect if you’re on a budget. However, they may sacrifice an HDMI port or two to make space. Who says you can’t get a great 4K TV for an even better price. Here are our picks:

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50 to 59-inch 4K TV deals

Screen Shot 2021 07 06 at 3.00.28 PM

Once you hit 50-inch 4K TVs, you’re probably starting to look at the centerpiece of your living room. These TVs are no joke, and they often offer smart features and plenty of ports. They start to climb in price as well, but that’s why we’re tracking down deals for you. Take a look at these options:

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60 to 69-inch TVs

Sony x900f 65 inch

At 60 or more inches, we’re firmly into home theater territory. These are — most likely — as large as many people will go, and they offer some serious bang for an increasing number of bucks. You won’t find too much difference in functionality, but the larger display will help you feel like you’re in the middle of the action. Try these deals on for size:

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70-inch or larger TVs

Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR

If you have the space for a 4K TV larger than 70 inches, we applaud you. This is some serious hardware we’re talking about, and it’s bound to make your wallet hurt most of all. You’ll need some serious space for these top-end TVs, but you won’t regret the incredible picture quality. Whether you’re gaming, watching the big game, or re-bingeing Game of Thrones, these are the best deals to get:

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