The Bay on France 2: where is the series filmed? – News Series on TV

The Bay on France 2: where is the series filmed? – News Series on TV

Since last week, France 2 broadcasts the English detective series “The Bay”. Did you know that the series was actually filmed in the seaside resort of Morecambe?

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On Monday January 4, France 2 kicked off season 2 of The Bay, a British detective series that follows Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie), a liaison officer responsible for supporting families during the worst moments of their lives , while remaining attentive to the slightest clue likely to help advance the investigation. As for the first season, this second opus takes place in the magnificent landscapes of the real town of Morecambe, a seaside resort in the city of Lancaster, in Lancashire.

The choice of this atypical English city was no accident. For the screenwriter of The Bay, Daragh Carville, himself a native of Lancaster, this place was one of the starting points for the writing of history. Looking on the internet at a map showing the locations in which the series are taking place, he quickly realized that his native region was under-represented: “The whole country was the theater of drama or comedy, except the corner of the bay where I lived“.

From this observation was born the series, which exploits the contrast between the natural beauty of this region and its status as a forgotten place in Great Britain. Indeed, the town of Morecambe reached its peak in the mid-twentieth century when it was the preferred tourist spot for Yorkshire workers, before gradually falling into disuse when foreign travel developed. The city is also renowned for its Victorian and Edwardian architecture, which can often be seen on screen throughout the episodes, including the facade of Winter Gardens dating from 1897, the Clock Tower built in 1905 and the lighthouse of the 1850s. “The landscapes are absolutely breathtaking, commented the screenwriter. On the one hand, you have magnificent views of the Lake District, and on the other, there is that distinctiveness that British seaside towns have. As with many seaside resorts, they have somewhat lost their raison d’être.

The landscape then became a character in history in its own right. The city indeed offers a beautiful parallel with the plot of the series, since it is known for its beauty but it also experiences difficulties …

Find The Bay every Monday evening on France 2.

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