The Battle of Britain begins

The Battle of Britain begins

On July 10, 1940, the Germans began the first of a long series of bombings against Britain, when the Battle of Britain began, which would last three and a half months.

After Germany’s occupation of France, Britain knew it was only a matter of time before the Axis’ power turned its eyes across the Channel. And on July 10, 120 German bombers and fighters struck a British shipping convoy across the Channel, while another 70 bombers attacked shipyard facilities in South Wales.

Although Britain had far fewer fighters than the Germans – 600 to 1,300 – it had some advantages, such as an efficient radar system, which made the prospect of a devious German attack unlikely. Britain has also produced top quality aircraft. His Spitfires could become tighter than the German ME109, allowing him to better escape the pursuers. German single-engine fighters had a limited flight radius and its bombers lacked the bomb-load capacity necessary to trigger permanent devastation on their targets. Great Britain also had the advantage of a unified concentration, while the German internal struggles caused errors of timing; they also suffered from bad intelligence.

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