The Batman: Colin Farrell reveals the time of presence of the Penguin

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Colin Farrell, who plays the Penguin in Matt Reeves’ Batman movie, has made some revelations about his participation during his stint on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

Don’t expect to see a lot of Colin Farrell in The Batman! The actor who agreed to slip into the costume of Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin for the Matt Reeves film has revealed that he has few scenes in the feature film.

Guest on Josh Horowitz’s podcast Happy Sad Confused, the Irish actor who succeeds Danny DeVito as this iconic villain of the DC universe has indeed declared:

I’m only in it for five or six scenes so I can’t wait to see the movie because it won’t be ruined by my presence.

And the one we discovered unrecognizable in the first trailer for the blockbuster worn by Robert Pattinson to continue: “It’ll be a little uncomfortable for the nine-minute fuckers I’m here and then there will be the rest. I can’t wait to see how [Matt Reeves] brought this world to life. The sets were amazing.

Colin Farrell’s statements aren’t actually that surprising since several other Dark Knight antagonists have been announced in the film. In particular Catwoman played by Zoë Kravitz and the Mystery Man, played by Paul Dano. Characters who will therefore not all have the same development time.

To discover Bruce Wayne facing all these beautiful people on the big screen, meet on March 2, 2022 in the dark rooms.

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The batman: colin farrell reveals the time of presence of the penguin

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