The Bad Guys: who are the French voices in this DreamWorks animated film? – Cinema news

The latest from DreamWorks studios, The Bad Guys is out in theaters today! Find out who the French voices are and from what age to watch this heist movie in line with Ocean’s Eleven.

Recommended from 6 years old – In cinemas from April 6

• Once upon a time : A band of animals, fearsome high-flying criminals, are about to commit their most egregious misdeed: to become respectable citizens. These five accomplices are sadly famous for their respective aptitudes for crime: Mr. Wolf, charismatic gentleman burglar, Mr. Snake, jaded safe-cracker, Mr. Shark, very very cold-blooded magician in disguise, Mr. Piranha, the fat arm of the band, excessively soupy, Miss Tarantula, computer hacker whose mastery of the web is as sharp as her tongue.

But after years of untold misdeeds, they end up being arrested. Mr. Wolf then concludes a deal (which he obviously has no intention of honoring) in order to avoid himself, as well as his friends, many years in prison: the Bad Guys will become honorable.

Under the tutelage of their new mentor, Professor Marmelade, an adorable guinea pig, the Bad Guys are off to a good start their world and make everyone believe that they have changed. But Mr. Wolf will quickly understand that by really doing good, he could finally get what he has always lacked: recognition. With a new villain running rampant in town, will he be able to persuade his followers to follow him on his path to redemption and ultimately become…good guys?

• What they will love: First feature film by Frenchman Pierre Perifel, who has worked for many years at Dreamworks Animation, Les Bad Guys is a real heist. Full of action, twists, gags and reversals, the film is aimed at all audiences from 6 years old.

Adapted from the series of children’s books by Aaron Blabey, the feature film required a lot of work from the director since the writer Aaron Blabey was not a designer at the base. His illustrations are therefore very simple and could not be adapted as is.

Pierre Perifel therefore had to find his own style. He explains at the microphone of AlloCiné “I set to work finding a style of animated illustration that wasn’t classic and not along the lines of what you usually see at Disney or Pixar or even back home at DreamWorks.

The influence, in terms of design, is rather French. With influences from Uderzo or Franquin. But there is also the influence of Akira Toriyama and Dragon Ball! My desire was to bring back much more illustrative imagery.

The bad guys: who are the french voices in this dreamworks animated film? - cinema news
DreamWorks Animation

The Bad Guys indeed has a very cartoonish side which is innovative and perfectly suited to an action film. The pace is fast, the film suffers from no dead time, you never get bored.

The heroes of the film are reputedly evil animals. And this endearing band clearly has nothing to envy to that of Danny Ocean (Ocean’s eleven) or Mr White (Reservoir Dogs). With its references to robbery films, a genre from which it borrows the codes, The Bad Guys will appeal to parents and children alike.

The bad guys: who are the french voices in this dreamworks animated film? - cinema news
DreamWorks Animation

• What may worry them: The film is carried by villains, who have never learned to do good. And if these anti-heroes can initially frighten the youngest, they quickly understand that these animals are not really bad.

The confrontation between the heroes and the villain may briefly worry young spectators, but the comic dimension quickly takes over.

• What they will keep inside them: The band of thieves led by Mr. Wolf is made up of animals that people don’t like: a wolf, a snake, a tarantula, a shark and a piranha. These animals evolve in a world of humans.

For the filmmaker, they are a representation of our fears. They grew up being the number one enemies of humans. And they have this “Bad Guys” label. And as they try to change, no one thinks they’re sincere because of what they are: scary animals.

A film about prejudice

In the film, there is a lot of talk about prejudices and the labels we attach to people. The subject is important and allows young spectators to understand that it is necessary to go beyond appearances. For Pierre Perifel:
There is a social purpose with the question of “difference” which is addressed there. How we perceive the other. How to learn not to judge “a book by its cover” and that therefore, “the dress does not make the monk”.

The bad guys: who are the french voices in this dreamworks animated film? - cinema news
DreamWorks Animation

For Pierre Niney, who lends his voice to the Wolf, “The film talks a lot about the image that others may have of us. These animals do not have a good press. And this theme is very strong and it is important today to talk about prejudices. Of those people who are ostracized and pigeonholed. It’s interesting to see that there’s a lot more behind the appearances, and it’s handled in a way that’s not cartoonish at all with multiple levels of reading for parents and children..”

Behind this film also hides an ecological message, it is not because these animals seem mean that they must be exterminated. The links that exist between the heroes of the film and the discovery of their true nature allow viewers to understand sharks, wolves, spiders and snakes differently.

For Alice Belaïdi, who lends her voice to the vixen Diane Foxington, “Our generation must wake up and protect and cherish all animals before they become extinct. If you’re afraid of him, walk away but let him live his life.

The Bad Guys Trailer

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