The Art of Crime on France 2: will there be a season 5?

While season 4 of “The Art of Crime” ends tonight on France 2, a quick overview of what awaits you in the next season, which will be themed Camille Claudel and Eugène Delacroix.

While France 2 will broadcast the last episode of season 4 of The Art of Crime this evening, the channel has already announced in the columns of Leisure TV that the detective series would return for a season 5.

Having succeeded in placing second among the audiences behind Koh Lanta during the broadcast of the first episode last Friday, with 4.3 million viewers, this cop-show of a new genre remains one of the sure values ​​of the Two, which has therefore already offered a new season.

The art of crime on france 2: will there be a season 5
The art of crime on france 2: will there be a season 5

As for the two previous seasons, this season 5 will still be composed of 2 episodes of 90 minutes, the shooting of which should begin within a few days. For the occasion, Eléonore Bernheim and Nicolas Gob will take over the roles they have been playing for 4 years now.

Regarding the artists explored, after Leonardo da Vinci, Degas, Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec, to name but a few, the authors of the series, Angèle Herry-Leclerc and Pierre-Yves Mora, decided that the two investigations would revolve around by Camille Claudel and Eugène Delacroix. They also revealed that they still have plenty of other ideas in mind, should The Art of Crime ever see other seasons.

And to embody these renowned artists, the production of the series will, as with each new burst of episodes, appeal to selected guests. Since the launch of the series in 2017, Miou-Miou, Bruno Debrandt, Clémentine Célarié, Stéphane Bern and Bruno Solo have come to respond to Nicolas Gob and Eléonore Bernheim, either as suspects or as witnesses.

There is no reason that this is not the case for season 5. Barbara Schulz and Mathieu Madénian, who were both in the cast of Gloria broadcast last month on TF1, as well as Florence Pernel (L’École de la vie) will give Antoine Verlay and Florence Chassagne a hard time.

Fauve Hautot, dancer of Dance with the Stars, who has already tried comedy in Meurtres en Berry and Astrid and Raphaëlle, will also be part of season 5.

See you next year on France 2 to discover the new unpublished episodes of The Art of Crime.

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