The Adventures of Young Voltaire on SALTO: what is this historical series on the writer’s early years? – News Series on TV

From January 13, the streaming platform offers a preview of a biopic in four parts on a little-known part of the life of Voltaire, committed philosopher and pamphleteer who left his mark on the Age of Enlightenment.

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What is it about ?

How do you become Voltaire? The giant of thought, the master of blasphemy, whose battles will give birth to the French Revolution? If we know the venerable philosopher, we know less about the young Voltaire.

The Adventures of Young Voltaire, created by Alain Tasma, Georges-Marc Benamou and Henri helman.

With Thomas Soliverses, Christa Theret, Victor Meutelet, Eric Caravaca, Thibault de Montalembert, Valérie Bonneton, Maud Wyler …

From January 13, preview on SALTO and soon on France Télévisions

Birth of a genius

Biopic in four episodes, The Adventures of Young Voltaire explores a little-known part of the life of the famous philosopher of the Enlightenment, author of Candide, Zadig and many committed phamplets. A poet above all, in love with ambition and social advancement, the young François-Marie Arouet will come up against conventions and suffer the repression of an era darkened by religious fanaticism. In the course of his political battles, the one who took the name of Voltaire will discover the price of freedom, while his writings will have a major influence on his time, starting the French Revolution to come …

A prestigious casting

Hailed in 2019 for his performance in the film Edmond by Alexis Michalik, Thomas Solivérès shines in this new historical fresco by lending Voltaire his energy and his youthful features. Around him, a cast of seasoned actors and actresses come to interpret the father of the young Arouet (Eric Caravaca), the actress Adrienne Lecouvreur (Christa Theret), and a whole gallery of tasty second knives embodied by Victor Meutelet (Grand Hotel), Valérie Bonneton (Do not do this, do not do that), Thibault de Montalembert (Ten percent), Maud Wyler (Perdrix) and Bernard Le Coq (Une Famille formidable), who plays the older version of the writer.

A historical and modern fresco

To illustrate this transposition in 18th century France, the Château de Chantilly was used as a filming location for the reconstitution for the Château de Versailles. And if dusting off an author of the Age of Enlightenment was a major challenge for Alain Tasma (Aux Animaux la guerre), co-creator and director of the series, the result is there. And if you are put off by the apparent classicism of this series with its carefully restored sets and costumes, fear not! The incredible and sulphurous life of the young Voltaire leaves no room for downtime. An exciting biopic full of modernity, which manages to arouse curiosity for a character and an era with much more contemporary accents than you might think.

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