The Addams Family 2: “We had to work on this sequel from home because of …

The addams family 2: "we had to work on this sequel from home because of...

Two years after the success of the first opus, “The Addams Family” comes alive again for a sequel in the form of a road movie. A film whose production has been made complicated by the pandemic, as its director Conrad Vernon explains.

They are always so macabre and happy. It only takes a snap of your fingers to put their famous song back in your head. And they are already back. Two years after the success of the first opus (203.8 million dollars collected worldwide), The Addams Family returns to the big screen … and goes on a journey. Pour une virée d’enfer, subtitle of this second opus, still directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon.

Without his friend, the latter comes back with us on the challenges of this sequel in which the Addams cross the United States while Wednesday questions his identity. And speaks in particular of the production made complicated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

AlloCiné: What were the inspiration and the guiding idea when continuing after the success of the first film?
Conrad Vernon : The inspiration first came from the way the audience reacted. We were introducing the Addams family to a new generation, who welcomed them with open arms. So we wanted to make a new episode of their adventures for this part of the audience, who had loved them. As for the story, the idea was already to take them away from their home and their neighborhood. To get them on the road. To see them interact with different people across the United States.

But the heart of the story is Wednesday’s quest, which wonders who she is outside of the family. Every teenager looks for his personality and how he will behave in the world. And, for us, the best way to approach it was to imply that she might not be an Addams.

What changes and challenges, technical or creative, have you had to face?
The biggest challenge, and the most obvious, is that we had to work on this sequel from home, without being able to go to the studio. [à cause du confinement, ndlr]. Make sure that everyone takes their equipment home, while remaining connected to the main studio. Make sure the animation, lighting, and effects everyone was working on fit together smoothly for rendering in the studio. All the technical aspects were real challenges.

The creative challenges, on the other hand, were pretty fun. Making a sequel allows you to dig deeper into the characters. Explore them and find new things about them. We had a lot of fun there, and if we were to continue it would be just as fun to continue exploring them.

Each generation of The Addams Family revolves around the idea of ​​what makes us unique

What does the Addams family represent today? What themes did you seek to develop through them in this film?
Each generation of The Addams Family revolves around the idea of ​​what makes us unique. This is what is beautiful about these characters. To take hold of this subject, but also of change, or of what is interesting in someone that no one else has, and to develop it in the universe of The Addams Family, it is Great. And that’s why I’ve loved them since I was little.

And in this film, we especially insisted, minutely, on Wednesday and who she is. And his interesting and unique way of being outside of his family, which is already interesting and unique.

Interview by Emmanuel Itier in Los Angeles on September 24, 2021

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