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France 2 offers this Wednesday, February 8 its new series “L’Abîme” from 9:10 p.m. Sara Mortensen and Gil Alma star in this suspenseful plot, rich in twists and turns… A success?

What is it about ?

“Elsa and Laurent Lacaze have everything of the model couple: very much in love and married for twenty years, they are the devoted parents of Lucie, a sparkling teenager. However, one morning, Elsa does not return from her usual jogging and disappears without a trace. .

The world of Laurent, and of his daughter, is first tinged with anguish… Then ends up collapsing when the police tell them that Elsa is not the person she claims to be. Laurent must face the facts: the woman he is in love with is an enigma. An enigma whose past resurfaces today.”

The Abyss is broadcast from this Wednesday, February 8 on France 2, from 9:10 p.m.

Who is it with?

The six episodes of the fiction were directed by François Velle. He also participated in writing the screenplay with the authors Clélia Constantine, Benjamin Richard, Yann Le Gal, Justine Kim Gautier, Julien Guérif and Véronique Lecharpy.

Sara Mortensen (Astrid and Raphaëlle) and Gil Alma (César Wagner) play the main roles of Elsa and Laurent Lacaze. Marie Mallia (Plus belle la vie) slips into the skin of Lucie, the couple’s daughter on screen.

Samuel Labarthe (The Little Murders of Agatha Christie) and Anne Loiret (I promise you) play Bernard and Sophie Duvack. Hélène Seuzaret (Piste noire) lends her features to Stéphanie while Christopher Bayemi (HPI) lends his to Cédric. We can also note the presence of Malik Elakehal El Miliani (Un si grand soleil) in the credits of this project.

It’s worth checking out ?

On the surface, Elsa and Laurent seem to lead the perfect life. Despite some minor driving problems on the part of Lucie, their teenager, the family’s daily life is a long calm river…

Still, Elsa is disturbed by nightmares involving a dying child. She also sometimes hears voices in her head. As if haunted, she runs away from these ghosts by going for a run almost every day… Alas, one day, she doesn’t come home after jogging.

Very quickly, research is organized with the police and everything leads to believe at first in a tragic feminicide, perpetrated by Laurent! But over the course of the latter’s discoveries and the police investigation, the truth comes out about Elsa: she is not who she claims to be!

Breathtaking, The Abyss continues the twists and turns from the moment Elsa vanishes… and probably a little too much. If it is well put together, the plot nevertheless accumulates revelations and reversals of situation at a frantic pace, leaving something to be desired for the plausibility of this story.

The viewer is often disoriented but, here, not in the good sense of the term! It is for example curious to note that Laurent has accepted never to know anything about the past of his wife for two decades…

Twists sometimes appear useless, only serving to lengthen the series divided into six parts. Some reactions of these ordinary heroes are surprising to say the least in such a situation… Thus, we also feel the feeling of going around in circles towards the middle of the fiction.

When the mystery around Elsa and her past is cleared up, emotion is at the rendezvous in this story under constant tension. On the casting side, we are pleased to see Sara Mortensen and Gil Alma lend their features to protagonists other than those they embody in the successful formats Astrid and Raphaëlle and César Wagner.

Filmed between the village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie in the Alpes de Haute-Provence, around the lake of Sainte-Croix and in Marseille, L’Abîme offers sumptuous natural settings to the public. The trip is total thanks to the landscapes and unusual places presented on the screen.

Promising in its infancy and endowed with a convincing cast, L’Abîme should manage to capture the attention of France 2 viewers despite some significant blunders. We salute the effort on the part of the authors to want to surprise us, although this attempt would have benefited from remaining more measured. Touching, the final delivers beautiful moments to fans of this kind of productions.

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