The 1967 Riots: When Outrage Over Racial Injustice Boiled Over

During the summer of 1967, 158 riots broke out in urban communities across America. Most shared the same triggering event: an argument between black citizens and white police officers that escalated into violence. During those convulsive months, massive social unrest – labeled in turn by riots, rebellions, uprisings and civil unrest – left 83 dead and 17,000 arrested, according to a 2007 study in The Journal of Economic History. In Detroit, the bloodiest uprising, there were 43 deaths, 7,200 arrests and more than 2,500 buildings looted, damaged or destroyed in five days of riots. The property damage, adjusted for 2020 dollars, made upset 67 in Detroit ($ 322 million) and Newark ($ 115 million) two of the 10 costliest civil unrest in American history, in terms of claims. insurance.

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