The 12 labors of Asterix: what do the Witcher 3 game have in common?

Find out which element of the animated film “The 12 labors of Asterix” was used as it is in the famous video game “The Witcher 3”, released in 2015?

The 12 labors of asterix: what do the witcher 3 game have in common?
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The second animated film created by Uderzo and Goscinny, The Twelve Works of Asterix has the particularity of not adapting an existing album and of being an original creation by the authors of the mustachioed little Gaul.

In this adventure, Julius Caesar challenges Asterix and Obelix to complete twelve trials that only gods could pass. If they succeed, Caesar promises to bow to these irreducible Gauls. But if they fail, they will end up in the belly of the circus lions!

The film has several cult scenes for an entire generation, including the so-called “house that drives you crazy” test, an administrative building in which Asterix and Obelix simply have to collect the A38 pass. Obviously, this is not as simple as it seems and from office to office, floor to floor, the two Gauls are close to madness when they finally manage to get it.

The 12 labors of asterix: what do the witcher 3 game have in common?

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The Gauls pose

This plot is repeated in a side quest of the expansion Blood and Wine Game The Witcher 3 titled Document races. In it, a winemaker sends your character to a bank to get money that you can immediately withdraw. Once inside, you are asked to obtain the document … A38.

Without reaching the level of madness of the House that makes you mad, the Beauclair bank also offers employees who go on break on an impromptu basis or who must be taken care of so that they avoid you wasting too much time.

The 12 labors of asterix: what do the witcher 3 game have in common?

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“You are starting to bore me with the port!”

Remember that the Asterix franchise is extremely popular around the world and that the Poles who worked on the game certainly winked at the animated film, released in 1976, on purpose.

At the end of operation in France, The Twelve Labors of Asterix totaled 2.2 million entries when it was released, and was even adapted as a special album of text accompanied by drawings but not in the classic comic book form. It will also be available as a “discomagic” disc with the voices of the film:

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