The 100: is the spin-off definitely abandoned?  - News Series

The 100: is the spin-off definitely abandoned? – News Series

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At a press conference, the CW confirmed that the spin-off project around the post-apocalyptic series “The 100” was still in the works.


In October 2019, The CW announced that they were working on a spin-off of their flagship post-apocalyptic series The 100. Almost two years later, fans were starting to despair of ever seeing the prequel on their screens.

The director of the CW, Mark Pedowitz, reassured them by confirming, during a press conference given on the occasion of the announcement of the re-entry grids of the chain, that the spin-off was still on the table.

Discussions are still ongoing – although nothing is done yet”He explained. Even if this project is still at the same point as the last time we were able to have news, it has therefore not yet been completely abandoned.

Developed by Jason Rothenberg, already at the origin of the mother series, this prequel of The 100, introduced in a “backdoor pilot” during the seventh season, will take place 97 before the arrival of the 100 on Earth. The story will begin after the nuclear apocalypse that reduced humanity to ashes and will follow a group of survivors who will have to learn to live in a world that has become hostile.

Iola Evans (Carnival Row), Adain Bradley (Riverdale) and Leo Howard (Why Women Kill) were the main characters in this pilot. Their contracts having come to an end, and some of them having a busy news, it is possible that, if there is a spin-off, the cast will differ from that present in the introductory episode of The 100.

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